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Contractor Payment Information

This report reflects pay estimates processed to prime contractors by the Illinois Department of Transportation.  Pay estimate information is retained for the last two pay estimates and 60 days for the final pay estimate.  It does not reflect the actual issuance of a payment by the Illinois Office of the Comptroller.  Vendor payment status information is available on the Illinois Office of the Comptroller's web site.

The following pay estimates are new and will be updated daily.
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Data Updated07/22/201446175     Data Updated07/22/201460R24     Data Updated07/22/201460T73     Data Updated07/22/201463268     Data Updated07/22/201463398     Data Updated07/22/201463609     Data Updated07/22/201468620     Data Updated07/22/201474466     Data Updated07/22/201476F97     Data Updated07/22/201478288     Data Updated07/22/201478293     Data Updated07/22/201478298     Data Updated07/22/201478305     Data Updated07/22/201478317     Data Updated07/22/201478354     Data Updated07/22/201478356     Data Updated07/22/201478377     Data Updated07/22/201478383     Data Updated07/22/201478387     Data Updated07/22/201478389    

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