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Contractor Payment Information

This report reflects pay estimates processed to prime contractors by the Illinois Department of Transportation.  Pay estimate information is retained for the last two pay estimates and 60 days for the final pay estimate.  It does not reflect the actual issuance of a payment by the Illinois Office of the Comptroller.  Vendor payment status information is available on the Illinois Office of the Comptroller's web site.

The following pay estimates are new and will be updated daily.
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Data Updated07/29/201446226     Data Updated07/29/201446242     Data Updated07/29/201446277     Data Updated07/29/201446285     Data Updated07/29/201446296     Data Updated07/29/201460H45     Data Updated07/29/201460T35     Data Updated07/29/201460V53     Data Updated07/29/201460V61     Data Updated07/29/201460V78     Data Updated07/29/201460W20     Data Updated07/29/201460W37     Data Updated07/29/201460W49     Data Updated07/29/201460X19     Data Updated07/29/201461A09     Data Updated07/29/201461A24     Data Updated07/29/201463579     Data Updated07/29/201463635     Data Updated07/29/201463740     Data Updated07/29/201463870     Data Updated07/29/201463884     Data Updated07/29/201463886     Data Updated07/29/201464F25     Data Updated07/29/201464G21     Data Updated07/29/201464H28     Data Updated07/29/201464J23     Data Updated07/29/201464J98     Data Updated07/29/201466671     Data Updated07/29/201466832     Data Updated07/29/201466942     Data Updated07/29/201466B13     Data Updated07/29/201466D30     Data Updated07/29/201468370     Data Updated07/29/201468409     Data Updated07/29/201468740     Data Updated07/29/201468A42     Data Updated07/29/201470A00     Data Updated07/29/201470A31     Data Updated07/29/201470A32     Data Updated07/29/201470A33     Data Updated07/29/201470A38     Data Updated07/29/201472F74     Data Updated07/29/201472G36     Data Updated07/29/201476479     Data Updated07/29/201476D29     Data Updated07/29/201476F24     Data Updated07/29/201476F67     Data Updated07/29/201476F92     Data Updated07/29/201476G16     Data Updated07/29/201476G17     Data Updated07/29/201476G37     Data Updated07/29/201476G38     Data Updated07/29/201476G51     Data Updated07/29/201478056     Data Updated07/29/201478312     Data Updated07/29/201485578     Data Updated07/29/201485598     Data Updated07/29/201485603     Data Updated07/29/201485607     Data Updated07/29/201489419     Data Updated07/29/201489607     Data Updated07/29/201489642     Data Updated07/29/201489654     Data Updated07/29/201491479     Data Updated07/29/201491484     Data Updated07/29/201491494     Data Updated07/29/201493590     Data Updated07/29/201495696     Data Updated07/29/201495717     Data Updated07/29/201495729     Data Updated07/29/201497488     Data Updated07/29/201497532     Data Updated07/29/201497533     Data Updated07/29/201497546     Data Updated07/29/201499394     Data Updated07/29/201499499     Data Updated07/29/201499512     Data Updated07/29/201499527    

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