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Contractor Payment Information

This report reflects pay estimates processed to prime contractors by the Illinois Department of Transportation.  Pay estimate information is retained for the last two pay estimates and 60 days for the final pay estimate.  It does not reflect the actual issuance of a payment by the Illinois Office of the Comptroller.  Vendor payment status information is available on the Illinois Office of the Comptroller's web site.

The following pay estimates are new and will be updated daily.
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Data Updated04/23/201446250     Data Updated04/23/201446274     Data Updated04/23/201460953     Data Updated04/23/201460J14     Data Updated04/23/201460L39     Data Updated04/23/201460L77     Data Updated04/23/201460M62     Data Updated04/23/201460N22     Data Updated04/23/201460R08     Data Updated04/23/201460T47     Data Updated04/23/201460T52     Data Updated04/23/201460T80     Data Updated04/23/201460T92     Data Updated04/23/201460W07     Data Updated04/23/201460W09     Data Updated04/23/201460W97     Data Updated04/23/201460X26     Data Updated04/23/201460X68     Data Updated04/23/201461A02     Data Updated04/23/201462377     Data Updated04/23/201462410     Data Updated04/23/201463412     Data Updated04/23/201463632     Data Updated04/23/201463698     Data Updated04/23/201463715     Data Updated04/23/201463736     Data Updated04/23/201463826     Data Updated04/23/201463829     Data Updated04/23/201463890     Data Updated04/23/201463893     Data Updated04/23/201463895     Data Updated04/23/201464H11     Data Updated04/23/201464H28     Data Updated04/23/201464H95     Data Updated04/23/201464J99     Data Updated04/23/201466947     Data Updated04/23/201466985     Data Updated04/23/201466A94     Data Updated04/23/201466D11     Data Updated04/23/201466D30     Data Updated04/23/201466D32     Data Updated04/23/201466D33     Data Updated04/23/201466D36     Data Updated04/23/201470109     Data Updated04/23/201470432     Data Updated04/23/201472781     Data Updated04/23/201472F29     Data Updated04/23/201472G36     Data Updated04/23/201472G64     Data Updated04/23/201472G72     Data Updated04/23/201474295     Data Updated04/23/201474299     Data Updated04/23/201476817     Data Updated04/23/201476B21     Data Updated04/23/201476D22     Data Updated04/23/201476F92     Data Updated04/23/201476G34     Data Updated04/23/201476G44     Data Updated04/23/201476G49     Data Updated04/23/201478049     Data Updated04/23/201478154     Data Updated04/23/201478277     Data Updated04/23/201478356     Data Updated04/23/201485529     Data Updated04/23/201485592     Data Updated04/23/201487539     Data Updated04/23/201490939     Data Updated04/23/201493611     Data Updated04/23/201495462     Data Updated04/23/201497532     Data Updated04/23/201498859     Data Updated04/23/201499394    

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