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Multi-Year Highway Program Development


Following are the strategies that were developed to accomplish the above listed transportation policies and goals.

These strategies are implemented through the multi-year highway improvement programs within the constraints of available revenues. Therefore, development of a strategic plan becomes a process of trade-offs in the allocation of limited resources to address the policies and goals of the state plan. Costs for IDOT's administration, maintenance and operations, certain other state agency operations, and debt service for highway capital improvement bonds are deducted from estimated revenues to arrive at an amount likely to be available for capital improvements.

In the process of allocating available resources for capital improvements, IDOT develops a series of service packages emphasizing different aspects of the strategic plan. Each service package is constrained by the limits of available resources. For example, a service package may be developed that is driven by deterioration in the physical condition of roadways and bridges on the highway system -- that is, a strategy that enforces system preservation and management. Other service packages that may be developed emphasize mobility, reliability and safety; or reducing congestion, improving efficiency and intermodal connections.

With anticipated accomplishments identified for each service package, IDOT develops a general hierarchy of priorities for its investment strategy in the highway system. System preservation is generally addressed as the first priority and is followed, to the extent possible with available resources, by modernization and expansion projects. Guidelines and criteria for identifying candidate projects are developed to ensure critical and essential projects are given highest priority for funding.

Multi-Year Highway Program Development

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