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PART 554



Section 554.701  Scope

a)         Permits authorizing repeated moves of oversize and overweight vehicles and loads directly across a highway may be issued for a period of six months. The distinguishing features of these moves are that:

1)         The moves must be repetitive, made directly across a highway, and made in course of industrial, construction, research, or testing activity;

2)         The vehicles to be moved or utilized or the loads or objects to be transported need not be dismantled or disassembled; and

3)         Both highway entrance permits and special vehicle permits may be required.

b)         Permits forms are available from the Permit Office.  For new crossing locations, it is necessary that the District Office be contacted for highway entrance permits, discussions on traffic control, and amount of security required.


Section 554.702  Data Required

The following data should be contained in the preliminary letter requesting appropriate permit forms:

a)         The need for such crossing and a description of the operation contemplated;

b)         The exact location where the crossing is to be made;

c)         Whether a crossing is in existence or whether one is to be constructed;

d)         A detailed description of the vehicles to be utilized in making the crossings and the material to be hauled;

e)         The approximate number of crossings to be made in a given period, the time of day the crossings are to be made, and the length of time required for the operation to be completed; and

f)         The traffic control proposed.


Section 554.703  Changes in Traffic Conditions

If subsequent to the original approval of the crossing and issuance of permits, traffic conditions warrant a reappraisal of the crossing operation, the permittee will be informed of any corrective action that must be taken. Should permittee fail to make these corrections, the movement permits may be canceled or upon expiration of existing permits no new permits will be issued until the corrective action has been taken.


Section 554.704  Aircraft

Aircraft or aircraft components in excess of legal limits may be moved over or across State highways by special permit.  A permit will not normally be issued to tow an aircraft on its own wheels.  The aircraft shall be loaded on a vehicle or combination of vehicles.  No permits will be issued to authorize landing, takeoff, or taxiing, upon or across a State highway.


Section 554.705  Disabled Vehicles

A combination of vehicles, including a tow truck and a disabled vehicle or disabled combination of vehicles, which exceeds the legal length and/or weight limits may be operated on a highway under the following conditions. (See Sections 15-107 and 15-111 of the Illinois Size and Weight Law):

a)         Prior to towing, neither the disabled vehicle, disabled combination of vehicles, nor the tow truck shall individually exceed the legal length or weight limits.  When overweight, the towing shall not exceed a distance of 20 miles from the initial point of wreck or disablement provided neither the tow truck nor the vehicle being towed shall exceed the following axle weight limits:  

            Single rear axle – 24,000 pounds

            Tandem rear axle – 44,000 pounds.

b)         Any additional movement of the disabled vehicles shall be under normal permit procedures (Section 554.306).  Requests for the emergency movement of equipment when the Permit Office is closed will be considered under the provisions of Section 554.801.

Section 554.706  Implements of Husbandry

Sections 1-130, 11-1418, 15-101, and 15-102 of the Illinois Vehicle Code provide information and exemptions for the movement of implements of husbandry.  (Form OPER 2279 provides transport rules (see 625 ILCS 5/15-102(b)(2)(A)-(H)) for width exempt loads.)  However, implements of husbandry may be barred from operation on controlled access highways when official signs prohibiting such operation are posted.  An implement of husbandry by definition (see 625 ILCS 5/1-130) is a vehicle; therefore, for a farm tractor to be exempt, it must be used as an implement of husbandry in connection with farming operations.

Section 554.707  Road Testing of Vehicles or Equipment

The Department will not normally issue permits for road testing of any vehicles or equipment over State-controlled highways unless they have not yet been opened to traffic.


Section 554.708  Secret Files

Permits are not issued to private carriers for sealed overweight loads of government secret files.  Such loads can be reduced to axle and gross weights within the legal limits.  Should a vehicle be stopped for overweight, the carrier must have a representative of the proper governmental agency break the seal and remove the excess weight before the movement may proceed.


Section 554.709  Government Moves by Commercial Carriers

a)         Occasionally, government shipments in excess of permit policy limits must be moved over the highways.  Written certification as to the necessity of such movement and that it is in the interest of national defense shall be obtained from:

             Chief, Special Movements Section
Special Commodities Branch
Freight Traffic Division
Eastern Area
Military Traffic Management Command
Bayonne, New Jersey 07002
Phone: Area Code (201)858-7228
Other comparable governmental agency 

b)         Upon receipt of the application for permit, together with satisfactory certification as to the necessity for the movement from the Transportation Officer, the Permit Office will issue the permit.

c)         When travel at night is authorized, an escort vehicle must accompany the movement.

Section 554.710  Military Moves by Service Personnel

a)         All movements by the Armed Forces and the National Guard must be in compliance with the size and weight limits contained in Sections 15-102, 15-103, 15-107, and 15-111 of the Illinois Vehicle Code, unless an authorization has been issued by the Permit Office or an emergency has been officially declared by the President or Governor.  In the event an official emergency is declared, telephone contact should be made with the Permit Office (217-782-6271) during regular office hours, or the Communications Center (217-782-2937) at other times, for assistance with the routing.

b)         If it is necessary to move a vehicle or load that cannot be reasonably dismantled or disassembled and transported within the legal size and weight limits, an application for authorization to make the movement must be submitted to the Permit Office.  Application may be on Form OPER 1928, Department of Defense standard forms, by letter, by fax, by Internet or by phone.  If the Permit Office determines the move can be made in safety without damaging the highway system, a no-cost authorization will be issued [625 ILCS 5/15-301].

c)         The Permit Office will review requests for routine military convoy movements that are submitted on standard military forms and will issue permits to overweight vehicles and loads that are included.  These authorizations do not relieve the Armed Forces or National Guard from overall responsibility for the convoy movement.

d)         The branch of the Armed Forces or National Guard authorizing oversize or overweight moves without the approval of the Permit Office assumes full liability for accidents or damages that may be caused directly or indirectly by reason of the movements.  While the driver is not subject to arrest, any unauthorized shipment found to be in violation of the legal size and weight limits shall not be allowed to proceed until the excess load is shifted or removed, or the Permit Office approves the movement.

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