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Procurement Communications

Lobbyist Reporting Requirements

If any person that is required to register under the Lobbyist Registration act is involved in an oral communication with an IDOT employee that imparts or requests material information or makes a material argument concerning a procurement matter, all parties to that communication must submit a written report of the communication to the State employee.  There is no form or format for these reports.  They can be produced as letters, emails, or in any other written form, however they must include as a minimum the following elements that are required by the statute:

  1. The date and time of the communication
  2. The identity of each person from whom the written or oral communication was received, the firm they represent and the action requested.
  3. The identity and job title of each person receiving the communication.
  4. The identity and job title of the person making the response.
  5. A detailed summary of points made by each person involved in the communication.
  6. The duration of the communication.
  7. The location of each person involved.
  8. Any other pertinent information.

Once these reports are received by the IDOT employee, the CMS reporting system is designed for the employee to scan the document to the employee’s computer and then attach it to a record in the system and forward it to the Procurement Policy Board (PPB).  This function of the CMS system is easy to use and automatically moves the
report(s) to the PPB.



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