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Questions and Answers

Q: Definition of what constitutes a grant.

A: IDOT is currently defining a grant as a contract that originates from a grant application submitted by a grantee, where IDOT makes a determination as to who is eligible for the grant, how much the award should be, the scope of work for the project and other control measures.

Q: Can funds be suspended or withheld for not filing a quarterly report?
A: Yes

Q: Once funds are suspended, can the grantee regain access to the funds? If so, how long does it take?
A: Yes. Grant funding will be restored after compliance with terms of the agreement.

Q: Is the grant application required also in amendments such an increase in dollar amount?
A: Yes

Q: Are quarterly reports reviewed and analyzed?
A: Yes. Quarterly reports will be made available for review by IDOT, the Auditor General and/or the Attorney General

Q: Will adverse results of review of quarterly report cause supervision of grants to the grantee?
A: Yes




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