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Non-Construction Procurements

In order to accomplish the mission of IDOT, we rely on a wide variety of businesses to provide goods and services that are separate from, but complement procurements in our highway construction program. Non-construction procurements are processed through the Department’s Bureau of Business Services (BoBS) and include professional, non-engineering consultants to provide services in areas such as public relations, community outreach, auditing, information technology, supportive services for minority and female owned businesses, employee drug and alcohol testing, transit and workforce studies, and employee training.

BoBS also processes procurements for light and heavy equipment, supplies, as well as maintenance services on an annual basis. Examples include the purchase of heavy trucks for snow plowing, light-duty trucks and cars for employee transport, off-road equipment such as tractors and related attachments for mowing right-of-way, snow and ice melt commodities, traffic paints and sign making materials, office supplies, power tools, electrical, plumbing, building maintenance, equipment repair, and security services.

In addition to the procurements indicated above, BoBS also processes Intergovernmental Agreements and grants awarded to local communities, counties, metropolitan planning organizations, and universities. Please click on the link below for more detailed information on the impacts of the new reforms on grants.

BoBS is further responsible for processing a number of sole source and emergency procurements each year. Please click on the links below for more detailed information on sole source and emergency procurements.

The following significant changes have resulted for non-construction procurements from the new reforms:

  • Changes to all contract and solicitation documents: Solicitation and contract documents for small purchases, Invitations for Bid (IFB), Requests for Proposals (RFP), sole source, emergency, amendments, and renewals have been revised to incorporate new vendor certifications and requirements. Non-construction procurement forms are developed by the Department of Central Management Services for BoBS use.
  • Subcontractor reporting:
    • Section 1-15.107 “Subcontract” means a contract between a person and a person who has or is seeking a contract subject to this Code, pursuant to which the subcontractor provides to the contractor or another subcontractor some or all of the goods, services, property, remuneration, or other forms of consideration that are the subject of the primary contract and includes, among other things, subleases from a lessee of a State agency.
    • Section 20-120 (a -c) - All prime contracts awarded must state whether or not subcontractors will or may be used. If known at the time of award, the contract must include:
      • The subcontractor name
      • The subcontractor address
      • The dollar value of the subcontract
    • The primary contractor must obtain the required subcontractor information (i.e., Subcontractor Standard Certifications) from all first tier subcontractors whose subcontracts have a total value of $25,000 or more.
    • The primary contractor must also obtain the required subcontractor information from lower tier subcontractors if (a) the lower tier subcontract has a total value of $25,000 or more and (b) the lower tier subcontractor is identified in the primary contract or the primary contractor reserves the right to approve lower tier subcontractor work actions or work products prior to acceptance or to approve payments to the lower tier subcontractor.
    • The prime contractor must submit a copy of the executed subcontract to BoBS within 20 days of execution of the prime contract, or within 20 days of execution of the subcontract, whichever is later.
  • Required Vendor Certifications and Financial Disclosures
    • Section 50-35 (a-d) - All financial disclosure forms for selected vendor contracts with an annual value of $25,000 or more, must be filed by BoBS, with the Procurement Policy Board (PPB).
    • Any potential conflicts of interest must be identified by BoBS and the Department’s Office of Chief Counsel and submitted to the PPB for review.
      • If no conflict is identified, the PPB will grant a waiver.
    • Section 50-2 - Annual certifications - Every vendor and subcontractor with a multi-year contract must certify by July 1 of each year that it continues to meet the certification and financial disclosure requirements.
  • Additional requirements and restrictions:
    • No contract or lease may exceed 10 years inclusive of renewals
    • No goods or services may be received prior to the execution of a written contract (when applicable).
    • There are new lobbyist involvement disclosure and certification requirements.
    • Ex Parte Procurement Communication reporting requirements will take effect January 1, 2011. Please click on the link below for more detailed information on Ex Parte Communications.

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