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Subcontractors must register annually with IDOT in order to be approved for and participate on IDOT projects. Prequalified contractors are automatically included on the list of registered firms and are NOT required to register. Additionally, material suppliers, trucking companies, and companies that provide professional services (i.e. consultants) are NOT included in the definition of subcontractor and are not required to register.

For FAQs on Subcontractor Registration, please click here


Step One
Subcontractors can register electronically by submitting the Subcontractor Registration Form.

Step Two
Approximately one month prior to expiration, a notice to renew registration and instructions will be sent via email. If a Subcontractor does not have a valid email address, a notice will be sent via postal mail. Beginning June 1, 2005, Subcontractors will be able to renew their registration electronically by submitting the Subcontractor Renewal Form.

Step Three
If a revision is required at any time do not register again. Revisions can be made by submitting a Renewal Form Online or by calling the Prequalification Section. Questions or comments may be addressed to the Prequalification Section, Bureau of Construction at (217) 782-3413.


If you are a Subcontractor interested in getting or providing quotes on letting items for bid, please click here

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