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Multi-Year Highway Program Development

Multi-Year Highway Programs

Responsibility for the development of multi-year programs rests with IDOT's Bureau of Statewide Program Planning (SPP) in the Office of Planning and Programming. The Bureau of SPP works with program planning staff in each of the nine highway districts to develop priorities for specific improvement projects in each district that meet IDOT's overall accomplishment goals. This collective set of candidate projects from throughout the state is then analyzed further by the Bureau of SPP and the central bureaus of the Division of Highways to develop multi-year programs within the fiscal limitations of projected revenues and which best meet IDOT's goals.

The multi-year program typically includes a mix of projects ranging from repair and rehabilitation of existing roads and bridges to major reconstruction and expansion of new highways. A more fiscally constrained program will have a higher percentage of projects that preserve and maintain the existing system. However, some high-cost projects are included even at lower program funding levels due to their importance in decreasing congestion and accidents or in providing economic development stimulus. The contribution a project makes to preserve or enhance overall economic development opportunities is a major factor in funding expansion projects.

Multi-Year Highway Improvement Program. Each year, IDOT develops an updated Proposed Highway Improvement Program. This is released in the spring and distributed to each member of the General Assembly and to any interested public group or individual. This program specifically identifies the projects that are tentatively scheduled to be accomplished in the upcoming fiscal year. For example, the program released in the spring of 2007 identifies projects scheduled to be accomplished during FY 2008, which begins July 1, 2007, and ends June 30, 2008. The projects for the remaining years are not identified for each subsequent year.

Release of the multi-year highway program in the spring serves as a point of discussion with members of the General Assembly and the general public. The program also receives extensive media scrutiny. As discussions continue, remaining issues of the first year element of the program are resolved and project cost data are updated as engineering studies are completed. The detailed first-year element is then published in the summer as a separate document.

Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP). The 2005 federal "Safe Accountable Flexible Efficient Transportation Equity Act: A Legacy for Users"(SAFETEA-LU), requires each state to prepare a four-year STIP for federal highway and transit projects. The basis for the STIP is the multi-year highway improvement program described above, the five-year public transportation improvement program developed by IDOT, as well as the transportation improvement programs developed by the metropolitan areas of Illinois. The STIP is submitted to the Federal Highway Administration and the Federal Transit Administration.

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