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Mobile Capture & Reporting


Creating a crash report in MCR

  1. Login to MCR using your Userid and Password.
  2. Choose F2 Reports then F3 New.
  3. Follow wizard to setup the parameters of the report.
  4. Complete Driver’s Information Exchange (F7) to allow the involved parties to clear the scene.
  5. Complete the remaining portions of the crash report in the order of your choice, validate your report, and submit your crash report for approval (F10).


Driver Information Exchange

  • The minimal amount of information needed on the crash report in order to allow the involved parties to clear the scene.  This information can be filled out by completing the highlighted fields or the F7 form.
  • Driver Information exchange includes: Date of crash, agency crash report number, location of crash, driver/vehicle/owner information, insurance information, and motorist report number.


Retrieving an updateable version of the crash report/ Supplementals

  • If you are the originating officer of the report, you can update your report at any time, even if the report has been submitted for approval.
  • Login to MCR, choose F2 reports then F11 search.  Search for the report and retrieve it.  Then go to F10 Retrieve and choose “Retrieve (updateable version)”.
  • If the report you retrieve has already been approved, this will be a supplemental.  Make your changes and submit the report for approval again.


Importing vehicles and people into the crash report

  1. Choose F4 Import.  From the vehicle/person tab choose “New Query” and run the vehicle and persons involved.
  2. Under the vehicle tab, select the vehicle, choose vehicle under import, select the appropriate unit number and choose Update.  Note: If you choose Add, another unit will be added.
  3. To import persons, choose the person tab and following the same procedure above.


Locating a crash

The Location Tool is used by clicking on Locate (F3) in the Tool Bar.  Utilizing the Location Tool will allow the user to locate the crash with 2005 NAVTEQ data for more accuracy. 

  1. In the location section of the crash report, use the drop down menus to verify and/or select the appropriate county and city/township where the crash occurred.
  2. Click the Locate (F3) Button on the Toolbar to display the MCR Location Tool.  Use the plus (+) sign or numbers to the left to zoom into the crash location.
  3. Use the Locate Crash Button.  Click on the plus (+) sign (or number in red) to activate the On Roadway or Off Roadway buttons.  Select either the On Roadway or Off Roadway button.
  4. Place your mouse pointer or stylus pen (touch screen) on the crash location and left click to select the appropriate roadway or area off the roadway.  After the crash location is selected a pop up identifies the location.
  5. Select OK if everything is correct or edit the information for your agency and then click ok.  Once OK is selected you will return to the crash report and the location information will be completed for you.  In addition, the MCR software will have figured the GPS coordinates automatically based on the location of the crash.


Adding/Deleting units, passengers, witnesses, property damage, or citations

  • To add/delete a section in the crash report, click on the appropriate button to the left of the crash report.  From the dialog box that appears, you can choose to either add or delete the section.
  • To add a passenger, click on the unit button to the left of the crash report, then choose passenger.  From this dialog box you can add/delete a passenger.


Searching for and Retrieving MCR Crash Reports for Printing

  • After a crash report is submitted, or transferred anyone from your agency who has access to MCR has the ability to retrieve a read-only copy.  This report can be viewed and printed, but it cannot be changed.
  • Use the following procedure to print MCR Crash Reports:
    1. Login to MCR.
    2. Select Reports (F2) then choose Search (F11).

    3. Entering as much data as possible will limit the number of crash reports returned from a search.  Data should be entered using the tabs and data fields found in the middle of this window.  Once all data is entered click the Find Now button to conduct the search.  The crash reports meeting the search criteria entered will be returned in the Search Results area.
    4. Choose the crash report that you would like to view and select the RETRIEVE button  and a read-only copy of the report will be retrieved.
    5. Click the Print (F9) Button on the Toolbar and choose the Crash Report radio button to select it.  Select the number of copies desired and click the OK button to print the crash report.  Any crash report printed prior to supervisor approval will result in the printed crash report having the words “UNOFFICIAL” printed in the upper right hand corner of the crash report.


Crash reports with a parked vehicle

  1. Make sure to always choose an option in the “Driver Type” box for both the parked and moving vehicles.  “Driver” is the best choice (even for a parked vehicle).
  2. Mark left scene as “yes” if you do not know information about the driver of the parked car.  This allows all of the boxes within that section to be left blank without getting errors.
  3. The collision type is always a “9 – Parked motor vehicle” when a parked vehicle is involved.
  4. The maneuver for Unit 2 (the parked car) is “21 – Parked”.
  5. The event numbers and location for each unit is as follows:

Unit 1 - -    Event  “18 – Parked Vehicle”   
                   Location  “1 - On pavement (roadway)” 16

Unit 2 - -    Event  “11 – Motor vehicle in traffic”   
                   Location  “1 - On pavement (roadway)”


Crash reports with a fixed object collision

  1. Make sure that the first event is “1 - ran off road” and the location is the right or left.
  2. The next event is what the motorist contacted:  mailbox, light post, etc.


Crash reports involving a hit and run

  • Choose Driver for Driver Type
  • Choose Yes for left scene.  This will allow you to leave field blank in the driver/vehicle/owner section.
MCR crash reports submitted in 2009:

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