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Illinois Highway Information System
Structure Information and Procedure Manual
July 1, 2007

Data Item Listed Alphabetically by Item Name

Name of Item: Q through S

Railing Appraisal (Approach Guardrails) Special Feature Inspection Interval
Railing Appraisal (Bridge Railings) Special Feature Inspection Remarks
Railing Appraisals - composite Special Feature Inspector Name 1
Railroad Crossing Numbers Special Feature Inspector Name 2
Railroad Lateral Underclearance Special Feature Start Date
Railroad Vertical Underclearance Special Feature Type
Reconstruction Year Special Feature Type Remarks
Remarks (from MMIS) Special Sys. (Formerly Defense Highway Design.)
Reporting Agency State Code
Roadway Improvement Cost Stress Category Designation
Roadway Station 1 Stress Cycles Code
Roadway Station 2 Structural Evaluation
Routine (NBIS) Inspection Date Structural Steel Weight
Scour Critical Analysis by (Name) Structurally Deficient
Scour Critical Analysis Date Structure County
Scour Critical Evaluation Structure Flared Indicator
Scour Critical Evaluation Method Structure Length
Scour Critical Remarks Structure Rated by (Agency)
Sidewalk Width on (Right/Left) Structure Sequence Number
Sidewalks Under Structure Indicator Substructure Condition
Skew Angle Substructure Cost
Skew Direction Substructure Material
Special Feature Close Date Sufficiency Rating
Special Feature Condition Status Superstructure Condition
Special Feature Initiated By Superstructure Cost
Special Feature Inspection Date Superstructure-Substructure Cost




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