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Illinois Highway Information System
Structure Information and Procedure Manual
July 1, 2007

Data Item Listed Alphabetically by Item Name

Name of Item: M through P

Main Structure Material Parallel Structure Designation
Main Structure Type Permit Analysis Date
Maintenance County Permit Analysis Number
Maintenance Responsibility Permit Axle Spacings
Maintenance Team Sect. & Subsection-Over Permit Gross Weight
Maintenance Team Sect. & Subsection-Under Permit Number of Axles
Maintenance Township Permit Restriction
Maximum Single Roadway Width Permit Route Description
Member Calculated Stress Range Permit Route Section Number
Member Load Path Permit Vehicle Configuration
Member Location Description Permit Weight Per Axle
Member Type Pier Foundation Type
Method Used to determine Inventory Rating Pier Material
Method Used to Determine Operating Rating Pier Navigation Protection
Microfilm Beginning Frame Number Pier Type
Microfilm Date & Time Posted Comb. Vehicle Type 3S-1 Weight Limit
Microfilm Done by (Bureau) Posted Comb. Vehicle Type 3S-2 Weight Limit
Microfilm Ending Frame Number Posted One Truck at a Time
Microfilm Number Posted Single Unit Vehicle Weight Limit
Microfilm Remarks Prestress Steel Diameter
Microfilm Type Prop Flood Max or Overtop Head
Minimum Lateral Highway Underclearance (Right/Outside or S-E) Prop Flood Max or Overtop Headwater Elev
Minimum Lateral Underclearance (Divided Highway; Left or N-W) Prop Flood Max or Overtop Main Chan Open
Minimum Lateral Underclearance Ref. Feature Prop Flood Max or Overtop Overflow Opening
Minimum Vertical Clearance On (Right/Left) Proposed Design Headwater Elevation
Min. Vertical Highway Underclearance (R/L) Proposed Flood Base Head
Minimum Vertical Underclearance Ref. Feature Proposed Flood Base Head (Overflow)
Multi-Level Structure Number Proposed Flood Base Headwater Elevation
Municipality (City) Proposed Flood Base Hdwater Elev. (Overflow)
National Highway System Proposed Flood Base Main Channel Opening
Navigation Control Proposed Flood Base Opening
Navigation Horizontal Clearance Proposed Flood Base Overflow Opening
Navigation Vertical Clearance Proposed Flood Design Head
Near / Far Approach Span Material Proposed Flood Design Headwater Elevation
Near / Far Approach Span Type Proposed Flood Design Main Channel Opening
Near Abutment Foundation Type Proposed Flood Design Overflow Headwater
Near Abutment Material Proposed Flood Design Overflow Opening
Near Abutment Type Proposed Flood Maximum Calculated Head
Number of Fracture Critical Members Proposed Flood Max. Calculated Hdwater Elev.
Number of Impact Attenuators Proposed Flood Maximum Calculated Opening
Number of Lanes Proposed Flood Overtopping Head
Number of Navigational Lights Proposed Flood Overtopping Hdwater Elev.
Number of Pier Protection Cells Proposed Flood Overtopping Opening
One or Two Way Traffic Proposed Replacement Bridge Number
Operat. Rating (Type & Gross Ld Capacity)  
Operating/Inventory Load Rating Remarks  
Over/Only Maintenance by (Literal)  




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