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Illinois Highway Information System
Structure Information and Procedure Manual
July 1, 2007

Data Item Listed Alphabetically by Item Name

Name of Item: F through L

Facility Carried HBP Eligibility
Far Abutment Foundation Type Historical Significance Indicator
Far Abutment Material Horizontal Curve
Far Abutment Type Improvement (Type of Work & Done By)
Feature Crossed Improvement Cost Estimate Year
Federal Aid Project Number Improvement Remarks
Final Plans Review Date Improvement Total Project Cost
Flood Base Main Channel Opening Existing Incidental Cost
Flood Base Main Channel Q Inspection (Routine NBIS) Remarks
Flood Base Natural High Water Elevation Inspection (Routine NBIS) Temperature
Flood Base Overflow Nat H.W.E Ft Inspection Interval (Routine NBIS)
Flood Base Overflow Q Inspection Route
Flood Base Q Inventory County
Flood Design Frequency Inventory Rating (Type & Gross Ld Capacity)
Flood Design Main Channel Opening Ex Inventory Route
Flood Design Main Channel Q Inventory Route Designation
Flood Design Natural High Water Elevation Inventory Route Directional Suffix
Flood Design Opening (Existing) Inventory Rt. Horizontal Clearance (Right/Left)
Flood Design Opening Proposed Inventory Route Kind
Flood Design Overflow Q Inventory Route Milepoint (On/Under)
Flood Design Q Inventory Route Number
Flood Max or Overtop Main Chan Open Exist Inventory Route Record Type
Flood Max or Overtop Main Chan Q Key Route - composite
Flood Max or Overtop Natural H.W.E. Key Route Appurtenance Number
Flood Max or Overtop Overflow Q Key Route Appurtenance Type
Flood Maximum Calculable Frequency Key Route Direction of Inventory
Flood Maximum Calculated Nat H.W.E. Key Route Number
Flood Maximum Calculated Q Key Route Segment
Flood Maximum or Overtopping Frequency Key Route Station
Flood Overtopping Frequency Key Route Suffix
Flood Overtopping Nat H.W.E. Key Route Type
Flood Overtopping Q Last Paint Date
Fracture Critical Appraisal Rating Last Paint Type
Fracture Critical Bridge Type Last Rating Date
Fracture Critical Inspection by (Name 1) Last Update Date
Fracture Critical Inspection by (Name 2) Latitude
Fracture Critical Inspection Date Length of Improvement
Fracture Critical Inspection Interval Length of Longest Span
Fracture Critical Inspection Method Letting Date
Fracture Critical Inspection Remarks Lift Bridge Minimum Navigation Vertical Clearance
Fracture Critical Inspection Temperature Link Indicator
Fracture Critical Number of Spans or Substructure Units Load Type Code
Functional Class (On/Under) Location Description
Functionally Obsolete Longitude
Future Annual Average Daily Traffic  
Future Annual Average Daily Traffic Year  
Guardrails on Structure Type (Right/Left)  




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