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Project Overview

The area between the project limits along Illinois Route 59 between Ferry Road and New York Street/Aurora Avenue has become highly developed. In order to promote a safe roadway network for residents, businesses and all users of the roadway, both motorized and non-motorized, the project to improve this segment was undertaken. The project will reconstruct the pavement and provide additional through lanes and a new interchange at Illinois Route 59 and Interstate 88.

Existing traffic signals at IL Route 59 intersections with New York Street/Aurora Avenue, Meijer/Westridge Court Entrance, Liberty Street/Jefferson Avenue, Meridian Parkway/Glacier Park Avenue, North Aurora Road, Bruce Lane/Brookdale Road, Diehl Road and Interstate 88 ramps will be modernized to current standards and interconnected to provide traffic flow progression.

Sidewalks will be provided on both sides of IL Route 59 for the entire project corridor to accommodate pedestrian activities, except for the segment in the vicinity of the BNSF RR underpass between Meridian Lakes Drive and North Aurora Road. In this location, sidewalk will be provided only on the west side of IL Route 59 only due to restricted right-of-way availability from the railroad property. Sidewalk widths vary from five feet to seven feet if located right at the back of the proposed concrete curb.

The project will be stage constructed with two through traffic lanes open to the traffic in both directions at all times with temporary left/right lanes at all major intersections to minimize delays to the motoring public. Due to physical constraints, a minimum of one through lane in each direction will be open to traffic at all times at the BNSF Railroad underpass. 

In order to expedite construction operations to complete this project, the overall project has been broken down into multiple and advance contracts (6 total) as follows:

Contract # 60P41: This advance contract provides rehabilitation of the existing pump station #47 in order to upgrade the capacity of the existing pump station to accommodate the additional flows generated by the widening of the roadway. The proposed pump station will be located adjacent to the existing station which will continue to be operational until the new pump station is commissioned into service. A total of 6 new pumps will be installed and a new building structure constructed on the premises with an improved access road and a new permanent and stand-by power feed. A 400 feet retaining wall will be constructed as part of this contract to support the anticipated topographic fill elevations and minimize property acquisition. This contract was let on June 15, 2012. Completion of construction is targeted for March of 2014.

Contract # 60P42: This advance contract constructs five concrete retaining walls which are critical to the project to facilitate and expedite construction of the mainline contracts. This contract was let on May 24, 2013 and is scheduled to be completed in June, 2014.

Contract # 60P43: This contract represents an advance tree removal contract which is intended to clear trees to facilitate advance utility relocations and facilitate the progress of construction operations. This contract was let on June 15, 2012 and was completed in November of 2012.

Contract # 60R30: This is a mainline contract for the reconstruction of the roadway from New York Street/Aurora Ave to North Aurora Road, a total of 1.57 miles. This project includes major relocations of existing utilities for Naperville Electric in addition to roadway reconstruction, retaining walls, noise walls, traffic signals, lighting and Waubonsee Creek improvements. The project was let on May 24, 2013 and is scheduled to be completed in July, 2015.

Contract # 60R31: This is a mainline contract for the reconstruction of the roadway from North Aurora Road to Diehl Road, a total length of 1.19 Miles. This project includes roadway reconstruction, retaining walls, noise walls, lighting and traffic signals. The project was let on May 24, 2013 and is scheduled to be completed in July, 2015.

Contract # 60I31: This is a mainline contract which extends from Diehl Road north to just south of Ferry Road. The project includes the reconstruction of the interchange of IL 59 and Interstate 88 (Illinois State Highway Tollway Authority-ISHTA facility). The interchange configuration will be a Diverging Diamond Interchange (DDI) which will offer increased capacity and reduced accident potential at the interchange due to reduced number of potential conflict points among various vehicular movements. The work will include construction of two new dual bridge structures over I-88 in addition to reconstruction and rehabilitation of the interchange ramps. Traffic signals will be installed at this location and major signing will be provided to direct motorists into the appropriate lane for their desired destination. The project was let on June 14, 2013 and is scheduled to be completed in September, 2015.


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