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This section of the website is devoted to questions and answers about the Eisenhower Interstate Highway System in general, and in Illinois, in particular. It is meant to combine the serious and the trivial in order to test the reader’s Interstate IQ, or “Interstate Intelligence Quotient.”

The reader will find two sections below devoted to questions and answers.

Website visitors who would like to contribute to this section are cordially invited to do so. Send your Interstate Questions and Answers to:

Tom McAvoy
Interstate IQ Quizmaster
IDOT, Region One
201 W. Center Court Schaumburg, IL 60196
FAX: 847-705-4666

Periodically, this section of the website will be updated with new questions and answers, so visit again.  View Answers to the questions below here.


1. What bridge, carrying what Interstate Highway over what body of water is shown in this aerial photo?
2. Which Illinois Interstate Highway is the longest (in centerline miles)?

A) Interstate 55
B) Interstate 57
C) Interstate 74
D) Interstate 80
3. Interstate Highway I-94 in Chicago [from the Eisenhower Expressway (I-290) to a point near its junction with I-57] was named the Dan Ryan Expressway in 1962 in honor of the late Daniel B. Ryan. Daniel B. Ryan was a / an:

A) Famous Chicago White Sox Pitcher
B) Former Illinois Governor
C) Successful Insurance Broker
D) Award Winning Highway Engineer
4. Speaking of names the Chicago area is somewhat unique in its reliance on names rather than Interstate Highway numbers to identify expressways. On the blank lines (below) next to the expressway’s name, provide the first name of the honoree and the Interstate highway number of each expressway:

Expressway Honoree’s First Name Interstate Highway Number(s)
Kennedy Expressway ___________________ ___________________
Dan Ryan Expressway ___________________ ___________________
Reagan Memorial Highway ___________________ ___________________
Borman Expressway ___________________ ___________________
Kingery Expressway ___________________ ___________________
Eisenhower Expressway ___________________ ___________________
Stevenson Expressway ___________________ ___________________
Edens Expressway ___________________ ___________________
Bishop Ford Expressway ___________________ ___________________
5. Often in the construction of bridges (such as the Murray Baker Bridge carrying Interstate 74 over the Illinois River near Peoria), in order to construct bridge supports a process involving “cofferdam excavation” is employed. What is “cofferdam excavation?”
6. Speaking of the Murray Baker Bridge (Interstate 74 over the Illinois River in Peoria), who was Murray M. Baker?

A) A Peoria business leader
B) A Peoria philanthropist
C) The man who owned Peoria’s first car dealership
D) A Caterpillar Tractor Company executive
7. Of all the U. S. Interstate Highways, which one is the longest?

A) Interstate 70
B) Interstate 80
C) Interstate 40
D) Interstate 90
8. Under which Illinois Governor’s administration was it decided to build a network of Tollways to serve Northern and Northeastern Illinois.

A) Daniel Walker (1973-77)
B) Adlai Stevenson (1949-53)
C) Otto Kerner (1961-68)
D) William G. Stratton (1953-61)
9. Is it true or false that one out of every five miles of the interstate highway system was required to be built straight and flat for the purpose of allowing military planes to land and take off from the roadways in time of war?
10. Before it assumed its current name (Illinois Department of Transportation), what was Illinois’ state highway agency called?

A) Illinois Department of Highways
B) Illinois Department of Roads and Bridges
C) Illinois Department of Public Works and Buildings, Division of Highways
D) Illinois Division of Highway Transportation
11. How long did it take the 1919 Transcontinental Army Motor Convoy to travel (mostly along the Lincoln Highway) 3,250 miles from Washington, D. C. to San Francisco, California?

A) 250 hours
B) 19 Days
C) 45 days
D) 62 days
12. What segment of the Chicago expressway system was designated to be I-494, but which was never built?

A) The Richard J. Daley Expressway
B) The Crosstown Expressway
C) The Wrigley Freeway
D) The Bill Veeck Wreckway
13. As of December 2004, the Eisenhower Interstate Highway System has how many bridges along its 46,000 plus miles?

A) 15,905
B) 35,017
C) 55,311
D) 101,982
14. In the early days of planning for a national superhighway system, President Franklin Roosevelt proposed what system for financing the cost of building the “superhighways ?”
15. Which Illinois Interstate Highway is the shortest in length (in centerline miles)?

A) Interstate 280
B) Interstate 190
C) Interstate 180
D) Interstate 270
16. Although Illinois’ 2,163 miles of interstate highways account for only 1.55% of the total state roadway network of over 139,930 miles, what proportion of the total traffic volume on Illinois roads was carried by the state’s 23 interstate highways in 2004?

A) 15.8%
B) 21.5%
C) 29.4%
D) 33.7%
17. The busiest segment of the Illinois Interstate Highway System is located near Chicago Avenue on the Kennedy Expressway (I-90/I-94) in Chicago. On an average day in 2004, how many vehicles traveled over that segment?

A) 145,500
B) 332,400
C) 400,100
D) 455,900
18. The least heavily traveled segment of the Illinois Interstate Highway System is located along Interstate 180 in Bureau County. On an average day in 2004, how many vehicles traveled over that segment?

A) 2,000
B) 4,500
C) 9,100
D) 11,200
19. Before it became Interstate 88, the East-West Tollway (recently renamed the Ronald Reagan Memorial) was known by what marked route number?

A) U. S. Route 130
B) Illinois Route 88
C) Illinois Route 5
D) Interstate 290
20. The IDOT personnel who operate the Chicago Expressway System’s Emergency Traffic Patrol (ETP) program were given what nickname in the 1960s that has stuck until today?

A) The Road Warriors
B) The Guardian Angels
C) The Minutemen
D) The Rescue Crew
21. By what name is the East St. Louis area expressway system’s emergency patrol program known?

A) EPV (Emergency Patrol Vehicle) Program
B) ETP (Emergency Traffic Patrol Program – South
C) MAP (Motorist Assistance Patrol) Program
D) IMC (Incident Management Control) Program
22. In 1993 plans for what new highway connecting I-90 and I-80 through Kane, Kendall and Will counties were abandoned due to public opposition. By what name was this proposed highway known?

A) The John B. Anderson Thruway
B) The Fox Valley Freeway
C) The Joliet – Elgin Expressway
D) The Kane – Will Tollway
23. Name the route of the Central Illinois Railroad (now AMTRAK) passenger train that closely follows Interstate 57 for much of its route across Illinois (made famous in a song in the early 1970s).

A) The Midnight Special
B) The City of New Orleans
C) The Last Train to Clarksville
D) The Chattanooga Choo-Choo
24. The last segment of Interstate 80 (also known as the Moline Expressway) linking Iowa to Indiana across Illinois was completed in what year?

A) 1959
B) 1964
C) 1967
D) 1971
25. Historic U. S. Route 66, which crossed the country from Chicago to Santa Monica, California has largely been replaced in Illinois by what Illinois Interstate Highway?

A) Interstate 80
B) Interstate 70
C) Interstate 90
D) Interstate 55
26. In addition to confusing use of individual names for its expressway systems, Chicago (and particularly traffic reporters) adopted other informal terms or names for describing various expressway locations. Some of these locations are listed below. On the lines next to the term, describe the location or what the term refers to.

Term / Name: Location / Refers to:
“Circle Interchange” ___________________
“The Junction” ___________________
“Hubbard’s Cave” ___________________
“The Mile Long Bridge” ___________________
“The Avenues” ___________________
“The Spur” ___________________
“The Hillside Strangler” ___________________
27. In 2004, a segment of Interstate 55 from Springfield to near Carlinville was designated an expressway in honor of a State Senate Majority Leader. Who was the person so honored?



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