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Saturday, July 19, 1919:

Departed South Bend, 6:15 A.M. 22 miles out 2-wheel kitchen trailer drops range and stack in the road, due to 4 bolts thru frame shearing off – this job should be reinforced and riveted. At 48 mi. Riker #415009 stops with bad choke valve in carburetor, which closes at high, engine speed. Escorted into LaPorte and Valparaiso by mayors and reception committees. At 11:30 A.M. stopped in Valparaiso, where lunch was served by Chamber of Commerce, assisted by the Red Cross Canteen Service. Here a railroad watchman named Miller was run down by a Dodge Light Delivery, and suffered a fractured collar-bone and abrasions of the head and knee. Garford blew out petcock on account of poor material which broke through ball, west of Valparaiso. G.M.C. Ambulance #39304 ran off road and overturned in ditch on account of careless driving. Ambulance recovered by Class B #414668. Frame kinked in several places. At 3 p.m. planking on small steel bridge gave way. Fair and warm. Roads fair, but dusty. Made 80 miles in 8 and ¾ hours. Arrived Chicago Heights, Ill., 3 p.m.

Sunday, July 20, 1919:

Chicago Heights, Sunday rest period. Ordnance observer spent the night at the Chicago Automobile Club, as guest of the Four Wheel Drive Auto Co. Had breakfast with R. M. Newbold at the Congress Hotel, followed by motor ride over Lake Shore Drive & thru Lincoln Park. Took Mr. Newbold out to camp to inspect convoy, at noon. Class B trucks #47905, #47986, #48043 & #48047, Cadillac Touring Car #18852, and G.M.C. Ambulance #24212, to replace damaged Ambulance #39309, added to Convoy at this point. Sergt. 1/c T. E. Wood, Jr. did a few demonstration stunts with the Militor for the instruction and entertainment of the camp visitors. Several movie weekly camera men “shot” this exhibition, and also groups of officers. Citizens of town took most of the enlisted men to their homes for Sunday dinner. Goodyear Band is placed at disposal of the Exhibition Commander for the remainder of the trip. All necessary adjustments made.

Monday, July 21, 1919:

Departed Chicago Heights, 6:15 a.m. Class B truck #48043 had to be towed by Militor a short distance to loosen up stiff motor. Stopped 45 min. to repair fan belt on Class B. 12 mi. out, Dodge #110219 stopped to adjust dragging foot brake band, right side. At 14 mi. from Chicago Heights G.M.C. Ambulance #39303 stopped to clean dirty spark plugs. One Mack truck had trouble with magneto breaker points. Range and stack of second 2-wheel kitchen trailer drop off in street of Joliet, where Rotary Club & Red Cross Canteen Service served refreshments. At Plainfield, Garford # 39733 breaks upper fan bracket support, allowing fan bracket to fall forward so that fan tore several holes in radiator. When 2mi. east of Aurora, Militor returned 10 mi. to pick up this Garford. Lunch served at Aurora by Red Cross Canteen Service. Mack 51487 has engine trouble all day. Class B #414673 water pump becomes stuck on account scale lodging under blade. Fair and warm. Road fair, but very dusty. Made 82 miles in 10 and ½ hours. Arrived DeKalb, Ill. 5 p.m.

Tuesday, July 22, 1919:

Departed DeKalb, 6:15 a.m. Militor started 7:15 a.m. towing Graford #39733. Mack #51481 had to stop at Creston on account motor overheating due to late spark and inefficient water pump. Near Ashton water pump on Class B #414673 again fails to function and motor runs hot. 12 mi. east of Dixon small bridge over culvert collapsed. Valve tappet roller goes to pieces in another Class B. 11:15 a.m. luncheon is served by the people of Dixon. 12:30 p.m., William Ernst of Dixon Crucible Co., entertains officers at a luncheon in the Elk’s Club, Sterling, Ill. 9 mi. west of Morrison, Mack truck towing pontoon trailer falls down under load on sandy grade and had to go to top of hill first, later towing trailer up by means of long rope. Crossed Mississippi at 4:10 p.m. Riker # 415009 turned turtle in ditch, but was righted and proceeded under own power. One motorcycle upset, causing slight damage to machine and slight injuries to driver. F.W.D. and Militor towed Class Bs. Fair and warm. Roads fair, but very dusty. Made 90 mi. in 10 and ¾ hour. Arrived Clinton, Iowa 5 p.m. (ARMY CONVOY DAILY LOG).


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