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Illinois Route 13/127
Proposed Traffic and Roadway Network Improvements

Project Description

The proposed project involves the upgrading of approximately 23 miles of existing Illinois Route 13/Illinois Route 127 from two lanes to four lanes beginning at the Ava Road intersection north of Murphysboro in Jackson County and ending on Illinois 127 just north of Pinckneyville in Perry County. Included in the project are an eastern bypass of the Village of Vergennes, an interchange at Illinois Route 152 and a western bypass of the City of Pinckneyville, with an interchange at Illinois 154. The proposed project will provide a safe and efficient facility while addressing system continuity and regional access by working towards closing a significant gap in the National Highway System of four-lane highways between major population centers in southern Illinois and the St. Louis metropolitan area.

The need for the proposed project is based on several factors. The improvement is intended to address the need for highway system continuity and regional access, existing roadway deficiencies, traffic safety, traffic flow and capacity deficiencies in downtown Pinckneyville, and local and regional economic development. This study is a federally-funded study mandated by the 1998 Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century (TEA-21).

Aerial Mosaic of Proposed Improvements

Area 1 - Ava Road to Beaucoup Creek (434k pdf)
Area 2 - Beaucoup Creek to Deer Creek (433k pdf)
Area 3 - Deer Creek Road to Bethel-Gale Road (300k pdf)
Area 4 - Bethel-Gale Road to Vergennes - Vergennes Bypass (5.5mb pdf)
Area 5 - Vergennes to Elkville Road - Vergennes Bypass (552k pdf)
Area 6 - Elkville Road to Youngs Creek (691k pdf)
Area 7 - Youngs Creek to Airport (786k pdf)
Area 8 - Airport to IL 152 (536k pdf)
Area 9 - IL 152 interchange (484k pdf)
Area 10 - IL 152 to Linderwood-Antelope Road (376k pdf)
Area 11 - Linderwood-Antelope Road to Chicken Creek (6.7mb pdf)
Area 12 - Chicken Creek to Tiger Road - Pinckneyville Bypass (940k pdf)
Area 13 - IL 154 interchange - Pinckneyville Bypass (517k pdf)
Area 14 - IL 154 to Quail Ridge Road - Pinckneyville Bypass (1.2mb pdf)

Environmental Assessment / FONSI

The project's Environmental Assessment (EA), containing the final analyses and reporting on the preferred alternatives, was approved by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) on September 14, 2007. The FHWA issued a Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) for this project on December 16, 2008. These documents may be viewed by clicking below:

IL13-127 Environmental Assessment (1.1mb pdf)
IL13-127 EA Appendices (21mb pdf)
IL13-127 EA Exhibits (44.4mb pdf)
IL13-127 Environmental Assessment Errata (961 kb pdf)
IL13-127 FONSI (62 kb pdf)

Pinckneyville Area Citizens Advisory Council

In 2004 the IDOT District 9 Office decided to assemble an Illinois 13/127 Pinckneyville Area Citizens Advisory Council to gain insight into the issues and values of the public in the Pinckneyville area in hopes of better understanding what highway option would best serve the community.  The intent for forming an Illinois 13/127 Pinckneyville Area Citizens Advisory Council was to provide an effective means for public discussion on the five alternate alignments under consideration in the Pinckneyville area. Sixteen council members plus four technical advisors served on the assembled group. View the Advisory Council’s Final Report (606k pdf)

Project Newsletter

IL13-127 September 2007 Newsletter (350k pdf)

Corridor Protection

Corridor Protection is allowed under Section 4-510 of the Illinois Highway Code (605 ILCS 5/4-510). Since the public meeting, a final Corridor Protection Map has been filed in the Perry County Recorder’s Office. This filing provides a means of protecting the right of way needed for future improvements.

Corridor protection applies to the portion of the project known as the West Bypass. More particularly, it begins a short distance south of Chicken Creek on existing Illinois Route 13/127; it proceeds in a northerly direction around the west side of Pinckneyville to an ending point on existing Illinois Route 13/127 a short distance north of Quail Ridge Road.

The Corridor Protection Map indicates the approximate right-of-way limits that are anticipated to be needed for the corridor. Property owners planning to make an improvement within the corridor should contact IDOT by registered mail no less than sixty (60) days prior to starting construction. The Department will decide within forty-five (45) days whether or not to acquire the additional right of way.

RECORDED CORRIDOR PROTECTION MAP: Illinois Route 13 127 Perry County (485k pdf)

Corridor Protection Aerial Mosaics:

Area 1 (994k pdf)
Area 2 (470k pdf)
Area 3 (1.1mb pdf)

Any further questions can be addressed by calling or visiting the IDOT Region 5, District 9 Headquarters at 2801 West Murphysboro Rd. on the west edge of Carbondale at (618) 549-2171.

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