The next phase of study, a Location and Environmental Study (Phase I) will evaluate a variety of options - including the “no build” option - in order to determine the most appropriate improvements for the anticipated population and traffic growth. The Phase I study could find that improvements to existing routes, increased mass transit, or other alternatives would solve transportation needs better than a new roadway facility. It is possible that future studies and design could result in further modifications of the corridor. Any such future revisions would most likely be minor shifts and would not mean that entirely new corridor options would be created.

Design and land acquisition (Phase II) and construction will follow the Phase I study. Funding for Phase I is included in Governor Blagojevich’s Opportunity Returns (OR) Program. Funding for the remaining phases is not included in the FY 2005-2011 Proposed Highway Improvement Program. This project will be monitored and considered for inclusion in future programs. Construction is not likely for 10 to 15 years and depends on future funding.

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