This corridor will benefit the growing Metro East communities, their residents, and businesses by providing a transportation system in the eastern portion of the bi-state metropolitan region. As the region continues to grow, this growth will stress the existing infrastructure. The benefits to the region are greater mobility and reduction of accidents.

One of the major goals of the Illinois transportation system is to enhance the state’s comparative economic advantage and to expand or retain economic bases and employment in all areas of Illinois, rural and urban. The benefit of this project is it will both sustain the existing growth and enhance the ability for the region to grow in the future. Because of the increased mobility this corridor provides, it even has the potential of assisting in the redevelopment of the core metro east urban area.

Businesses will benefit from the reduced travel time and subsequent reduced transportation costs. The communities adjacent to the corridor will benefit from a new efficient transportation facility as it helps them make future development and planning decisions and encourages businesses to stay in the community and grow.

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