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Office of Quality Compliance & Review
Fraud Awareness Presentation

The Division of Highways, the Office of Quality Compliance and Review, and the USDOT OIG will present

 USA v. Shah Engineering, Inc - Criminal Case Study

including information regarding transportation fraud, millions of dollars of restitution, fines, accounts by the USDOT Inspector General, IDOT’s Financial Review and Investigations Section and the FBI.

A $10+ million settlement, false invoices, altered time cards, guilty plea, fictitious companies, USDOT OIG, FBI, United States Attorney’s Office – These are just some of the things you will see and hear discussed at the October 6, 2010 Fraud Awareness Presentation.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010
10 a.m. to 12 p.m.
Illinois Department of Transportation, Central Office
Harry Hanley Building Auditorium,
2300 South Dirksen Parkway
Springfield, IL 62764


Click here to view the live video stream of the program. 
Stream will be available at 9:30 a.m. the day of the program.

Video Simulcast locations
District 1 Office Video Conference Room
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District 7 Office Video Conference Room
District 8 Office Video Conference Room

Secretary Hannig, Director Reed, and Director Kennelly will welcome everyone to the fraud awareness presentation. Immediately following introductions of our honored guests, USDOT Special Agent Todd Kath, IDOT’s Audit Supervisor Gene Gansz, and Chief Financial Review Officer Ron McKechan will present a transportation related fraud case known as the Shah Engineering Criminal Case. The case was originally uncovered by the IDOT Audit Section (currently the OQCR Financial Review and Investigations Section). The in-depth investigation was performed by the USDOT and the FBI, while the IDOT Financial Review and Investigations Section conducted a forensic financial review. Assistance was also provided by the IDOT Chief Counsel’s Office. Charges were prepared and filed by the United States Attorney’s Office. As a result of this team effort and very strong case, Shah Engineering Inc. pled guilty to various criminal charges and the 73 year old owner was sentenced to over 41 months in prison. In addition, the owner and the company were debarred from doing state and federal business and ordered to pay over $10 million in restitution along with a $500,000 fine. The honored guests for the day will include the United States Attorney for Central District of Illinois James A. Lewis, Assistant United States Attorney Patrick D. Hansen (the prosecutor in the case), USDOT OIG Special Agent in Charge of the Midwest Division Michelle McVicker, Executive Inspector General for the agencies of the Illinois Governor Ricardo Meza, and Assistant Special Agent in Charge of the Springfield FBI Office S/A Emmerson Buie.

Registration and Continuing Education Credit are available

Continuing education credits will be available for those who register through IDOT’s LMS (formerly EIS) database as long as the employee either attends the presentation at the Harry Hanley Building Auditorium or views the presentation at either a video conference room or on their computer. Once supervisory approval is granted, employees should contact their LMS coordinator in order to register. The LMS Course number is 10476 and Class is 23343.

All others please register by emailing or call 217-558-4617 with the following information:



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Please continue to monitor this website for additional information: 
If you have any preliminary questions, please e-mail or phone: 217-558-4617


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A.        Responsibilities of Agencies, Directors and Employees

             1.        Reporting of Information

Every state officer or employee in an Agency shall report promptly to the Inspector General any information concerning waste, corruption, fraud, conflicts of interest or abuse by another state officer, employee or vendor relating to his or her employment. The knowing failure of any officer or employee to so report shall be cause for discipline, up to and including discharge. The knowing provision of false information to the Inspector General by any officer or employee shall be cause for discipline, up to and including discharge. Any officer or employee who in good faith acts pursuant to this paragraph by reporting to the Inspector General improper governmental action shall not be subject to dismissal, discipline or other adverse personnel action.

             2.        Duty to Cooperate

                             a.        Each Agency and every officer and employee, shall cooperate with, and provide assistance to, the Inspector General and her or his staff in the performance of any investigation. In particular, each Agency shall make its premises, equipment, personnel, books, records, and papers readily available to the Inspector General. The Inspector General or his/her staff may enter upon the premises of any Agency at any time, without prior announcement, if necessary to the successful completion of an investigation. In the course of an investigation, the Inspector General may question any officer or employee serving in, and any other person transacting business with, the Agency, and may inspect and copy any books, records, or papers in the possession of the Agency, including those made confidential by law, taking care to preserve the confidentiality of information contained in responses to questions or books, records, or papers that is made confidential by law.

                             b.        The Inspector General may compel any employee in an Agency to truthfully answer questions concerning any matter related to the performance of his or her official duties. If so compelled, no statement or other evidence derived therefrom may be used against such employee in any subsequent criminal prosecution other than for perjury or contempt arising from such testimony. The refusal of any employee to answer questions if compelled to do so shall be cause for discipline, up to and including discharge.

Protection from Retaliation

No officer, employee or appointee in any Agency shall retaliate against, punish, or penalize any person for complaining to, cooperating with, or assisting the Inspector General in the performance of her or his duties. Any officer, employee or appointee who violates this provision shall be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including discharge.

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