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Frequently Asked Questions

Prairie Parkway Corridor Protection Questions & Answers

  • What gives IDOT the right to record a corridor?
    Illinois Statutes (Illinois Highway Code -605 ILCS 5/4-510) give the Department the authority to establish and protect rights of way for future additions to the state highway system and prevent costly and conflicting development of the land involved.
  • When will IDOT start buying the affected properties?
    When a property owner within the protected corridor notifies IDOT that they plan to develop or improve their property , the Department has 45 days to decide whether or not to purchase the property .IDOT will only purchase the property if the proposed improvement conflicts with their goal of protecting the corridor from further development. As funding for land acquisition becomes available following the Record of Decision, additional properties may be acquired.
  • Can I sell my house?
    Corridor Protection does not place restrictions on selling property, only improvements to property.
  • What happens if I have an improvement already in progress?
    The Department should be notified for any physical improvements started after the Corridor Protection Map is recorded.

  • Will I be compensated for the change in property value due to being identified within the corridor?
    Corridor Protection is not considered a property take; compensation will occur if and when the property is purchased. Compensation will be based on an appraiser's estimates of value at the time of actual purchase.
  • What happens to the recorded corridor that's been in place since 2002?
    IDOT held a public hearing in July 2007 to alter the protected corridor, eliminate it where it is no longer needed, and record the new B5 corridor alignment.  The new Corridor Protection Map was approved on November 8, 2007.
  • My property is within the Corridor Protection, but the new alignments do not go through my property.  Can IDOT remove the Corridor Protection now?
    The Corridor Protection was revised to reflect the alignment after a preferred alternative was identified.  The amendment process for Corridor Protection required a preliminary map be prepared, a public meeting to be held, a comment period to allow for public input in the map changes, the final map revisions to be made, and the new map to be approved in a Record of Hearing.  Letters were sent to property owners in both the old and new Corridor Protection advising them of their status.  The new Corridor Protection Map supersedes the 2002 Map, and is recorded in each of the 3 affected counties.
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