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The Contractor's Market Place is a forum for prime contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers wishing to do business with IDOT. The objective is to facilitate communications and saving time and money, by providing an electronic bulletin board for the contractor community.

Prime contractors will have the ability to communicate to subcontractors and suppliers their desire for information on a specific letting item and work category by submitting an interest form. Conversely, subcontractors and suppliers will have the ability to communicate to prime contractors their interest in providing quotes on a specific letting item and work category.

Information from the forms submitted will be organized by letting date and posted in an easy to read report format.

INTEREST SUBMITTAL - If you are a Prime Contractor or SubContractor interested in getting or providing quotes on letting items for bid, file one of these forms on-line.

INTEREST REPORTS - Individual reports are generated for each letting date. View reports by letting date, search reports by item number or work category.

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* You will need Adobe Reader to read the Instructions for Submitting Reports. Download a free copy of Reader.


IDOT Pay Item Report / Coded Pay Items Information

IDOT contractors have found the Pay Item Report and Coded Pay Items (see links below) to be valuable tools in identifying contracting opportunities in their work specialties.

The Pay Item Report is a listing of all pay items on a letting. For each pay item, the listing identifies the quantity, letting item number, contract number, county, IDOT district office and the unit of measure. The Pay Item Report is published approximately four weeks prior to each regularly scheduled letting.

The Coded Pay Items are the Schedule of Price line items that describe a particular item on which IDOT will be requesting a price within a particular project. Each project or contract will have numerous coded pay items/line items that make up the total work to be bid within the project/contract. The Coded Pay Item list is a reference that shows the Pay Item Number that is tied to the description; the description is the work/service to be priced.

Example 1: Look through the many pay items and find the ones for which you are in business and note the pay item number(s). Open a pay item report on a letting and do an “Edit,” “Find” for the line item. Once found, look in the right column and find the item number. Make a note of the items on which this line item shows up and go to the For Bid List of Bidders/Nor-For-Bid List of Bidders and see who the Authorized Bidders (Bidders List) are or the suppliers/subcontractors (Not-For-Bid) to see who is the competition.

Example 2: When you look through the Pay Item Report and find abbreviations that are unclear, you can go to the Coded Pay Item List and look up the spelled out version and say "yes," that is what you want to look for or that's the type of work you do. Then go back to the Pay Item Report and look through all the line items. Once found, then you know on which jobs/contracts these items will be found. Following the line across to the right (in the Pay Item Report), the item number on the letting can be found. Once this is known, you can open the Bidders List/Not-For-Bid on that particular letting and find the names and addresses of the companies that are Authorized to Bid and you can either see who is your competition or send them a quote for your services.

For assistance in using these reports, call IDOT at 217.782.7806.

Pay Item Report
Coded Pay Items

Subcontractor Registration

Subcontractors interested in participating on contracts are required to register with IDOT. Prequalified contractors are automatically included in the list and are not required to register. Material suppliers, trucking companies, and companies providing professional services are not included in this definition of subcontractor and are not required to register.

Subcontractor Registration

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