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Draft Environmental Impact Statement
Prairie Parkway Study
Grundy, Kendall, and Kane Counties, Illinois


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  VOLUME 2 File Type File Size
  Exhibit 1. - Alternative B2    
    Location Map PDF 348 kb
    Alternative B2 exhibit 1a PDF 643 kb
    Alternative B2 exhibit 1b PDF 251 kb
    Alternative B2 exhibit 1c PDF 275 kb
    Alternative B2 exhibit 1d PDF 889 kb
    Alternative B2 exhibit 1e PDF 333 kb
    Alternative B2 exhibit 1f PDF 247 kb
    Alternative B2 exhibit 1g PDF 292 kb
    Alternative B2 exhibit 1h PDF 977 kb
    Alternative B2 exhibit 1i PDF 264 kb
    Alternative B2 exhibit 1j PDF 279 kb
    Alternative B2 exhibit 1k PDF 338 kb
    Alternative B2 exhibit 1l PDF 351 kb
    Alternative B2 exhibit 1m PDF 256 kb
    Alternative B2 exhibit 1n PDF 503 kb
    Alternative B2/B5 exhibit 1o PDF 690 kb
    Alternative B2/B5 exhibit 1p PDF 802 kb
    Alternative B2/B5 exhibit 1q PDF 6.5 MB
  Exhibit 2. - Alternative B5    
    Alternative B5 exhibit 2a PDF 366 kb
    Alternative B5 exhibit 2b PDF 322 kb
    Alternative B5 exhibit 2c PDF 311 kb
    Alternative B5 exhibit 2d PDF 302 kb
    Alternative B5 exhibit 2e PDF 1.0 MB
    Alternative B5 exhibit 2f PDF 1 .0 MB
    Alternative B5 exhibit 2g PDF 250 kb
    Alternative B5 exhibit 2h PDF 828 kb
    Alternative B5 exhibit 2i PDF 1.9 MB
    Alternative B5 exhibit 2j PDF 394 kb
    Alternative B5 exhibit 2k PDF 294 kb
    Alternative B5 exhibit 2l PDF 253 kb
    Alternative B5 exhibit 2m PDF 740 kb
    Alternative B5/IL 47 exhibit 2n PDF 6.5 MB
    Alternative B5 exhibit 2o PDF 6.3 MB
    Alternative B5 exhibit 2p PDF 6.3 MB
    Alternative B5 exhibit 2q PDF 6.3 MB
    Alternative B5/B2 exhibit 2r PDF 1.3 MB
    Alternative B5/B2 exhibit 2s PDF 846 kb
  Exhibit 3. - Alternative B2/B5    
    Alternative B2/B5 exhibit 3a PDF 276 kb
    Alternative B2/B5 exhibit 3b PDF 418 kb
    Alternative B2/B5 exhibit 3c PDF 268 kb
    Alternative B2/B5 exhibit 3d PDF 326 kb
    Alternative B2/B5 exhibit 3e PDF 1.0 MB
    Alternative B2/B5 exhibit 3f PDF 542 kb
    Alternative B2/B5 exhibit 3g PDF 916 kb
    Alternative B2/B5 exhibit 3h PDF 1.0 MB
    Alternative B2/B5 exhibit 3i PDF 319 kb
    Alternative B2/B5 exhibit 3j PDF 256 kb
    Alternative B2/B5 exhibit 3k PDF 993 kb
    Alternative B2/B5 exhibit 3l PDF 437 kb
    Alternative B2/B5 exhibit 3m PDF 466 kb
    Alternative B2/B5 exhibit 3n PDF 345 kb
    Alternative B2/B5 exhibit 3o PDF 412 kb
    Alternative B2/B5 exhibit 3p PDF 1.0 MB
    Alternative B2/B5 exhibit 3q PDF 554 kb
    Alternative B2/B5 exhibit 3r PDF 371 kb
    Alternative B2/B5 exhibit 3s PDF 404 kb
    Alternative B2/B5 exhibit 3t PDF 550 kb
    Alternative B2/B5 exhibit 3u PDF 386 kb
    Alternative B2/B5 exhibit 3v PDF 425 kb
    Alternative B2/B5 exhibit 3w PDF 7.2 MB
    Alternative B2/B5 exhibit 3x PDF 475 kb
  Exhibit 4. - Alternative B2/B5 (IL-47)    
    Alternative B2/B5 (IL 47) exhibit 4a PDF 863 kb
    Alternative B2/B5 (IL 47) exhibit 4b PDF 1.4 MB
    Alternative B2/B5 (IL 47) exhibit 4c PDF 284 kb
    Alternative B2/B5 (IL 47) exhibit 4d PDF 705 kb
    Alternative B2/B5 (IL 47) exhibit 4e PDF 268 kb
    Alternative B2/B5 (IL 47) exhibit 4f PDF 1.2 MB
    Alternative B2/B5 (IL 47) exhibit 4g PDF 1.1 MB
    Alternative B2/B5 (IL 47) exhibit 4h PDF 261 kb
    Alternative B2/B5 (IL 47) exhibit 4i PDF 261 kb
    Alternative B2/B5 (IL 47) exhibit 4j PDF 265 kb
    Alternative B2/B5 (IL 47) exhibit 4k PDF 259 kb
    Alternative B2/B5 (IL 47) exhibit 4l PDF 460 kb
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