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Prepare an e-mail to the IDOT Subscription Server by using the following e-mail address and with the information as noted below:

  1. Address the e-mail message to:
  2. Type the letters ‘sub’, a space and then the subscription listname in the body of the message. Please Note: There are no spaces in the listname. For example: sub IDOTContractorsPacket (Do Not Include Any Other Text)
  3. Send the message.
  4. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to you.
  5. Click on the reply button and type OK in the body of the message and send the message back to IDOT.
  6. Once the Department receives the OK, you will be added to the subscription list.
  7. You will then receive a confirmation e-mail stating that you have been added to the list and automatically receive the publications and reports for which you have subscribed when they are published.

To subscribe to each item individually please follow the above subscription instructions. Substitute the appropriate listname for each item to which you want to subscribe. Please Note: There are no spaces in the listname and you must follow these steps for each list that you to want to receive.

  • IDOT Addendum Checklist

Subscription listname: IDOTAddendumChecklist

  • IDOT Aeronautics Unit Price Tabulation of Bids

Subscription listname: IDOTAeroUnitPriceTabulationofBid

  • IDOT As Read Tabulation of Bids

Subscription listname: IDOTAsReadTabulationOfBids

  • IDOT Construction Contractor’s Transportation Bulletin – Notice of Letting

Subscription listname: IDOTBulletinNoticeOfLetting

  • IDOT Contractors Packet

Subscription listname: IDOTContractorsPacket

  • IDOT Corrected Tabulation of Bids

Subscription listname: IDOTCorrectedTabulationOfBids

  • IDOT Federal Wage Rates Listing

Subscription listname: IDOTFederalWageRatesListing

  • IDOT For Bid List of Bidders

Subscription listname: IDOTForBidListOfBidders

  • IDOT Letting Proposals (Specifications)

Subscription listname: IDOTLettingProposals

  • IDOT Local Roads Contractor Bulletin

Subscription listname: IDOTLocalRoadsContractorBulletin

  • IDOT News Flash from BDE

Subscription listname: IDOTNewsFlashFromBDE

  • IDOT Not For Bid List of Bidders

Subscription listname: IDOTNotForBidListOfBidders

  • IDOT Pay Item Report

Subscription listname: IDOTPayItemReport

  • IDOT Pay Item Report with Awarded Prices

    Subscription listname: IDOTPayItemAwarded

    • IDOT Unit Price Tabulation of Bids

    Subscription listname: IDOTUnitPriceTabulationOfBids

    • IDOT Weekly Transportation Procurement Bulletin

    Subscription listname: IDOTBulletinWeeklyProcurement

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