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  • How to download and open an .exe file:

  1. Left click on the .exe link.
  2. Click “Save” in the “File Download” pop-up window.
  3. Click on the down arrow after “Save in:” at the top of the “Save As” pop-up window.
  4. Click on “Local Disk (C:)” in the drop down menu.
  5. Double click on the folder where you want to save the file.
  6. It is suggested that you create a new folder (i.e. IDOT) for the file you are about to download. To create a new folder, click on the “Create New Folder” ICON to the right of the “Save in:” drop down menu. A new folder will appear that is highlighted so that you can type in the name.  After you type in the name, press enter two times.
  7. In the folder pop-up window, click on the “Save” button.
  8. A download window will pop-up and will show you when the download is complete.
  9. When the download is complete, click on “Open Folder”
  10. In the folder pop-up window, double click on the .exe file.
  11. In the “WinZip Self-Extractor” pop-up window, click on “Unzip”
  12. Click “OK” in the pop-up window that appears after the files have been extracted.
  13. Click “Close”
  14. Double click on the document you wish to open and view.

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