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IL 336 (FAP 315)
McDonough, Fulton and Peoria Counties, Illinois

Draft Environmental Impact Statement
June, 2009

The purpose of the proposed action is to provide a safe and efficient transportation facility from the eastern side of Macomb, Illinois to I-474 west of Peoria, Illinois.  The proposed action will help provide western Illinois and the communities of Jacksonville, Quincy, Monmouth, Macomb, Canton and Peoria greater access to each other and to various east/west and north/south interstate and expressway systems.

The project study area includes parts of McDonough, Fulton and Peoria Counties.   The principal communities include Bardolph, New Philadelphia, Marietta, Smithfield, Cuba, Norris, Farmington, Hanna City, Norwood and Bellevue.

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  IL 336 DEIS File Type File Size
  Cover, Signature Page and Executive Summary PDF 544 kb
  Table of Contents PDF 182 kb
  1.0 Purpose of and Need for Action PDF 3.4 MB
  2.0 Alternatives Including the Proposed Action PDF 12.7 MB
  3.0 Affected Environment, Environmental Consequences, and Measures to Minimize Harm PDF 20.8 MB
  4.0 Agency Coordination and Public Involvement PDF 876 kb
  5.0 References PDF 812 kb
  6.0 List of Preparers PDF 802 kb
  Appendix A - NRCS Form AD-1006 PDF 93.6 kb
  Appendix B - Soil Types in Project Area PDF 20.5 kb
  Appendix C - Exhibits from Illinois Natural History Survey Assessments for IL 336 Corridor PDF 8.27 MB
  Appendix D (part 1) - Drainage and Water Quality PDF 28.3 MB
  Appendix D (part 2) - Agency Coordination and Public Involvement Materials    
            First Set of Public Information Meetings – December 7-9, 2004 PDF 15.7 MB
            Second Set of Public Information Meetings – March 21-23, 2006 PDF 26.9 MB
            Third Set of Public Information Meetings – February 20-22, 2007 PDF 13.6 MB
  Aerial Exhibits    
  Sheets 1 through 37 showing various sections of the Macomb to Peoria corridor PDF 22.6 MB
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