Electronic Submission of Good Faith Effort (GFE) documentation.



General Notes:


·         The DBE Plan and DBE Participation Statement (forms SBE 2026 and SBE 2025) must be submitted with the bid.

·         When applicable, good faith effort (GFE) documentation must be submitted with the bid.

·         Electronic submission of GFE documentation is offered as a convenience to contractors who have a large number of documents associated with their GFE.

·         Files can only be uploaded one at a time.

·         Maximum file size is 10 MB.  Files that are greater than 10 MB must be divided into smaller files.



Getting Registered on the Vendor Documents System (VDS)


All contractors must be registered in order to submit their Good Faith Efforts electronically.   If you are not registered, follow the steps below.  If you are already registered, skip to Login Instructions for Registered Users below.


Go to the Vendor Documents System New User Registration login at https://www.dot.il.gov/vendordocuments/Login.aspx




Enter the required information for all of the fields and then click on the Save & Register button.



You will then see a confirmation that the information has been submitted and you will soon receive an email with instructions on how to access the Vendor Document System in order to upload the electronic files of your Good Faith Effort documentation.  Included with the email will be a temporary password.  You will be prompted to change your password after logging into the system.




Logging in to the Vendor Documents System for the First Time


Click on the link provided in the Registration Information email that you received following the New User Registration (https://www.dot.il.gov/vendordocuments/Login.aspx) Enter your login ID (your Federal Employer Identification Number/Taxpayer Identification Number) and the temporary password you received in the registration email (welcome) and then click on the Login button.



For security purposes, you will be prompted to enter a question and an answer that only you know.  This security question will be utilized if you forget your password and need to have it reset.  After you enter a question and an answer click on Save



Click OK to confirm that the question and the answer you provided are correct.



You will now be asked to create and confirm your new password and then click on Save



You will then be returned to the initial Login screen where you can now login as a registered user.


Login Instructions for Registered Users.


Enter your Login ID and your password and then click on the Login Button.



Click on the GFE Documents button.




Uploading your GFE Documents


1.       Enter your contractor ID, Name and select the letting date.


2.       From the Contract Number drop-down menu, (small down arrow to the right of the window) select the appropriate contract number (Only the contracts that will appear are those on which your company is authorized to bid).


3.       Enter the Item number.


4.       Click on the Browse button.  This will open a window that will allow you to go to the files on your computer. 


5.       Select the GFE file associated with the Item#/Contract Number. (Only one file at a time can be uploaded)


6.       Click the Add button.


7.       Click the Attach File button.  



You have now submitted your Good Faith Effort.  If this is the only file you have, you can Logout by clicking on the blue Logout link in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.


Uploading Multiple Files


If you have multiple files associated with an item number/contract number repeat steps 4 through 7 above until all files are uploaded. 


If you have GFEs for more than one Item Number/Contract Number, repeat steps 2 through 7 above.