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November 5, 2010 Letting

Published --
November 4, 2010



It is the contractor's responsibility to determine which, if any, addenda pertains to any project they may be bidding. Failure to incorporate all relevant addenda may cause the bid to be declared unacceptable.  Each addendum will be placed with the electronic Plan and/or Proposal. Addenda will also be placed on the Addendum Checklist and subscription service subscribers will be notified by e-mail of each addendum issued.  The Internet is the Department's primary way of doing business. The subscription server e-mails are an added courtesy the Department provides. It is suggested that bidders review this page before submitting final bid information.

IDOT is not responsible for any e-mail related failures.

Questions may be directed to Jim Layden at 217-782-7806 or

The plans and/or proposal packages have been revised or addended for the following letting items. Bidders should verify that they have received and incorporated the changes prior to submitting their bid. Failure by the bidder to include an addendum could result in a bid being rejected as irregular.

Each addendum is identified in alphabetical order for each letting item. For instance, if item 11 has three addenda, each plan holder of item 11 should have incorporated ADD A, ADD B and ADD C. Items that have been revised are marked on the list with an "REV". If an item has been deleted from the letting, it is marked on the list as " DEL ". If an item has been withdrawn from the letting, it is marked on the list with "WD". No bids are accepted on withdrawn or deleted items.

62037-002 ADD A 10/21/10            
63468-004 ADD A 10/20/10 ADD B 10/28/10        
63508-007 ADD A 10/20/10            
66823-010 ADD A 10/21/10            
66856-011 ADD A 10/21/10            
70016-014 ADD A 10/25/10            
016 DEL 10/1/10            
72775-017 ADD A 10/20/10            
72A03-018 ADD A 10/21/10            
023 DEL 10/1/10            
76882-025 WD 10/13/10            
76C33-027 WD 10/13/10            
78068-028 ADD A 1/20/10            
78071-029 ADD A 10/20/10            
60L36-045 ADD A 10/29/10            
64815-052 ADD A 10/22/10 ADD B 10/28/10 ADD C 10/29/10 WD 11/4/10
66547-053 ADD A 10/21/10 ADD B 11/3/10        
66822-054 ADD A 10/21/10            
76E00-063 ADD A 10/21/10            
76E48-064 ADD A 10/20/10            
63398-067 ADD A 10/29/10 ADD B 11/4/10        
63457-068 ADD A 10/29/10            
63436-072 ADD A 10/21/10            
70514-073 ADD A 10/25/10            
63516-074 ADD A 10/28/10            
60K02-079 ADD A 10/25/10 ADD B 10/28/10        
60L35-080 ADD A 10/29/10            
93541-081 ADD A 11/01/10            
72D81-082 ADD A 10/22/10            
68660-087 ADD A 10/25/10            
62914-089 ADD A 10/29/10            
63268-090 ADD A 10/29/10 ADD B 10/29/10        
66A71-091 ADD A 10/21/10            
64B79-092 ADD A 10/25/10 REV 1 TO A 10/28/10        
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