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September 19, 2003 Letting

PLEASE NOTE: Some of IDOT's electronic documents are being converted to the Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) which is viewable by Adobe Acrobat Reader. Not all documents will be converted. Microsoft Office is still IDOT's standard.

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*Important information regarding September 19, 2003 Letting
6/30/2000 Notice: CBID Files are now available only in Excel 97 v4.0 format. If you have questions or problems regarding the content or use of the actual CBID Files, please call Margaret Crowe at (217) 785-8648.

If you need assistance with downloading these files, contact Roseanne Nance at (217)785-5875 or e-mail at

CBID Files - EXCEL: (.xls)
Group 1 sep_a30.exe (1.6 MB) 30 files Group 4 sep_d4.exe (234k) 4 files **
Group 2 sep_b12.exe (663k) 12 files
Group 5 sep_e9.exe (501k) 9 files

Group 3 sep_c13.exe (717k) 13 files


Group 6 sep_f1.exe (69k) 1 file

**Revised 62575 9/10/03
Aeronautic CBID Files - EXCEL: (.xls)
Group 1 sep_aa7.exe (255k) 7 files Group 2 sep_ab4.exe (153k) 4 files


Individual CBID Files Individual Excel Files


Unit Price Tabulation of Bids: (.txt files)
The first set of awards 091903a.exe contains 45 text files. (150k)  
The second set of awards 091903b.exe contains 14 text files. (124k)  
The third set of awards 091903c.exe contains 2 text files. (24k)  
The fourth and final set of awards 091903d.exe contains 2 text files. (24k)  
Individual CBID Files Individual Excel Files  

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