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Public Act 094-0515 amended the Prevailing Wage Act by changing Section 5.

Contractors and subcontractors participating on public works are required to submit certified payrolls for all projects. Certified payrolls have long been required on Federal-aid projects; they are now required on state funded projects as well.

The information required by this Public Act is similar to what is required on Federal projects; however, there are some differences. Some of the additional information required is the starting and ending times of work each day, telephone number of the employee if available and that the contractor or subcontractor is aware that filing a certified payroll that he or she knows to be false is a Class B misdemeanor.

The Department is revising its specifications and the current forms for certified payrolls so that the forms will be the same for both Federal and state funded projects.

Firms are strongly encouraged to review Public Act 094-0515 to ensure compliance.

This requirement is in effect for the Special Letting of August 26, 2005 and all subsequent Lettings.

If you have any questions, please contact Jim Duncan at 217-782-7806.

Click Here to see a copy of the Act


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