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P.A. 96-0795, P.A. 96-0920 and P.A. 97-0895 enacted substantial changes to the provisions of the Illinois Procurement Code (30 ILCS 500). Among the changes are provisions affecting subcontractors. The Contractor awarded a contract will be required as a material condition of the contract to implement and enforce the contract requirements applicable to subcontractors approved in accordance with article 108.01 of the Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction.

If the Contractor seeks approval of subcontractors to perform a portion of the work, and approval is granted by the Department, the Contractor may be required to provide a copy of the subcontract to the Chief Procurement Officer upon request within 15 calendar days after execution of the subcontract.

In addition to the subcontract, certifications and disclosures are required to be made by subcontractors pursuant to Article 50 of the Illinois Procurement Code. The Notice to Bidders includes a document incorporating all required subcontractor certifications and disclosures for use by the Contractor in compliance with this mandate. The document is entitled “State Required Ethical Standards Governing Subcontractors”. The documents can also be accessed by clicking on the links below.

Click Here for Quick Reference to Subcontractor Reporting

For all subcontracts the following documents are required to be submitted to the District Office in hard copy:

BC 260a

BC 261

For each subcontract with a value of $50,000 or greater the following additional documents are required to be submitted electronically by the prime contractor to the Central Bureau of Construction by logging on to
  1. Financial Disclosures – Forms A & B
  2. Subcontractor Certifications
  3. Multi-Year Contract Certification

A Subcontractor cannot be approved or begin work until all the documents have been received and approved.

These requirements do not apply to material suppliers, truckers and professional service companies.


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