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Construction Contracting

Special Notice to Contractors

Due to Public Act 96-0975, the Notice to Bidders, Specifications, Proposal, Contract and Contract Bond (Proposal Document) has been changed.
Below is a summary of the major changes made to Proposal Document. Please be aware that other revisions have been made and YOU ARE EXPECTED TO READ THE ENTIRE PROPOSAL DOCUMENT AND COMPLY WITH ALL REQUIREMENTS. Non-compliance may render your bid non-responsive.

Public Act 96-0795 changes to the Illinois Procurement Code (30 ILCS 500):

Procurement Code Section


Incorporated into

the Proposal document

Sec. 20-43

Requires that the bidder be a legal entity prior to bid

page 4, paragraph 8

Sec. 50-2

Requires annual certification for multi-year contracts

page 7, paragraph III

Sec. 50-10

Adds a Felon certification

page 7, paragraph III.B

Sec. 50-38

Adds a lobbyist disclosure and certification

page 11, paragraph N.

Sec. 50-35

Financial Interests and Conflicts of Interest Disclosures are required for each bid and must be filled-out completely

page 12, paragraph IV.A

Sec. 50-35

Adds a Communications disclosure

page 16, paragraph 3

Sec. 50-35

Adds a Debarment disclosure

page 17, paragraph 4




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