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Consists of clearing, tree removal, roadway excavation, channel excavation, borrow excavation, special excavation, solid rock excavation, pavement removal, hauling, embankment and grading.
Portland Cement Concrete Paving
Consists of constructing pcc pavement, continuously reinforced pcc pavement, pcc base course and pcc base course widening and cement aggregate mixture sub-base. A concrete plant and formless paver or a finishing machine is required.
Bituminous Plant Mix
The placement of bituminous concrete binder and surface course (Class I), bituminous concrete base course widening, bituminous base course, bituminous aggregate mixture stabilized sub-base, bituminous shoulder and bituminous curb and gutter. A bituminous plant approved by the Bureau of Materials and Physical Research for Class I production, an approved bituminous spreading, finishing machine and compaction equipment is required.
Miscellaneous Bituminous Paving
Consists of placing bituminous base, surface, widening or shoulders with a bituminous spreading and finishing machine. This category is restricted to either 1,200 tons in any one contract (Class I or BAM). This work can also be completed under Bituminous Plant Mix and Bituminous Aggregate Mixtures categories. An approved bituminous spreading and finishing machine and compaction equipment is required.
Cleaning and Sealing Cracks & Joints
Consists of routing and sealing cracks for asphaltic and concrete pavements.
Soil Stabilization and Modification
Consists of constructing soil-cement base course and lime modified soils.
Aggregate Bases and Surfaces (A)
Consists of constructing granular sub-base, aggregate base course, aggregate surface course, aggregate shoulders and aggregate-turf pavement. Also includes construction of cement aggregate mixture sub-base,, lime modified soils (disc harrow method), calcium chloride applications, and sub-ballast.
Aggregate Bases and Surfaces (B)
Consists of hauling and spreading aggregate.
Highway Structures
Consists of excavation for structures, constructing concrete structures (bridges, box culverts, etc.), constructing steel structures (bridges, corrugated structural plate drainage structures, etc.), constructing metal railings, constructing timber structures (bridges, etc.), Erection, installation of reinforcement bars, piling (all types), and construction of temporary bridges.
Highway & Railroad Structures
Consists of items listed above. This category is specific to structures carrying railroad transportation.
Highway, Railroad & Waterway Structures
Consists of the construction of major structures and appurtenances for water storage and distribution, flood control and recreation. This includes dams, spillways, spillway crest gates, canals, channel appurtenances, pump stations, aqueducts, locks and dams and dikes.
Structures Repair
Consists of bridge deck repair or bridge deck removal and replacement. Also includes membrane waterproofing, constructing metal railings, installation of reinforcement bars, superstructure repairs such as replacement of joints, replacement of bearings, beam straightening, and repair and retrofit of steel girders. Substructure repairs are also included and consist of minor repairs of spalled or deteriorated concrete.
Anchors and Tiebacks
Construction of all types of anchors and tiebacks which provide resistance to lateral and uplift forces in bridge abutments, retaining walls, bulkheads, dams, deep excavations and various support systems.
Consists of the installation and removal of precast concrete box culverts, installation and removal of pipe culverts and storm sewers, relining of pipe culverts and storm sewers, installation of pipe drains and pipe underdrains, installation of water mains and water service lines, adjusting sanitary sewers and water service lines, construction, reconstruction and adjustment of catch basins, manholes, inlets, inspection holes and valve vaults, installation and adjustment of frames and grates, filling existing manholes, catch basins, inlets, wells and drainage structures, riprap installation, construction of aggregate ditch, installation of excelsior blanket, fiber mat and fiberglass roving, construction of gabions, slope mattress and revetment mats and installation of corrugated structural plate drainage structures.
Drainage Cleaning
Consists of cleaning of pipe culverts, storm sewers and catch basins.
Consists of the installation of electric cable, duct and conduits, construction of trench and backfill for cables, ducts and conduits, traffic surveillance and control installations, traffic signal installations, installation of light pole, installation of light tower, installation of vapor luminaire, installation of sign lighting, installation of temporary lighting systems, installation of navigational lighting systems, installation of photocell relay service, installation of airport lighting systems, installation of airport beacon towers and airport rotating beacons, and other appropriate illumination systems.
Cover and Seal Coats (A)
Consists of the application of bituminous materials for priming, road oiling, cover coating and seal coating.
Cover and Seal Coats (B)
Consists of sealing parking lots and driveways.
Slurry Applications
Consists of slurry sealing and micro-surfacing.
Miscellaneous Concrete Construction
Consists of masonry work or the construction of concrete barrier, curb, gutter, combination curb and gutter, sidewalk, driveway pavement, median, paved ditch, flumes, slope wall, retaining wall, railroad crossing, pavement, base course, base course widening and all types of pavement patching. This category is also applicable to construction of box culverts and other similar miscellaneous drainage structures. The total of pavement, base course and base course widening cannot exceed 15,000 square yards in any one contract.
Consists of planting trees, shrubs, vines and other materials. This category also includes applying fertilizing nutrients, mulching, watering, pruning and selective removal of unwanted plants and Seeding and Sodding.
Seeding and Sodding
Consists of seeding, sodding, applying fertilizer nutrients, mulching, watering, installation of excelsior blanket, fiber mat and other erosion work. This work can also be completed under the Landscaping category.
Vegetation Spraying
Consists of the application of chemicals to remove or control vegetation.
Tree Trimming and Selective Tree Removal
Consists of commercial arborist work such as trimming and thinning of trees, root pruning and removal of individual trees and tree stumps.
Consists of constructing chain link fence, wire fence and wood fence. This category is also applicable to the installation of object markers, delineators and mile post markers.
Consists of constructing steel plate beam guardrail, wood guardrail, cable road guard, posts (including guard posts), pipe handrail and metal railings. Removal of any of the aforementioned items or similar items is applicable to this work category.
Consists of gunite construction, lime injection systems, clay grouting, chemical grouting, compaction grouting, cement grouting, jet grouting, asphalt grouting and bituminous or cement fly ash undersealing of concrete pavements. Applicable to soil stabilization and rehabilitation of dams, bridges, sewers, tanks, reservoirs, tunnels, culverts, walls, masonry structures, etc. This category is also applicable to mud jacking, slab jacking and various under-sealing projects.
Consists of the cleaning, containment and painting of metal surfaces. This includes structural steel, sign structures, sign supports, traffic signal hardware, lighting hardware, etc.
Consists of installing, relocating, renovating, refurbishing and cleaning sign panels. This category also includes the installation and relocation of sign supports and sign structures, installation of object markers, installation of delineators and installation of mile post markers. Removal of any of the aforementioned items is also applicable to this work category.
Paint Pavement Marking
Consists of the installation of paint pavement marking lines, letters and symbols.
Thermoplastic Pavement Marking
Consists of the installation of thermoplastic pavement marking lines, letters and symbols.
Epoxy Pavement Marking
Consists of the installation of epoxy pavement marking lines, letters and symbols.
Installation of Raised Pavement Markers
Consists of the installation of raised reflective pavement markers and their removal.
Pavement Texturing and Surface Removal
Consists of grooving or grinding PCC pavement or continuously reinforced PCC pavement.
Cold Milling, Planing and Rotomilling
Consists of bituminous surface removal or texturing bituminous pavements. Also applicable to pulverizing and mixing existing bituminous material.
Structural Steel Erection
Consists of erecting structural steel or sign trusses.
Consists of the removal of timber, steel and concrete structures and buildings.
Consists of fabricating, delivering and storing structural steel.
Tunnel Excavation
Consists of earth and rock excavation for tunnels, and construction of liner plate shafts, steel sheeted shafts and wood sheeted shafts. This category also includes rock bolting and major boring and jacking of pipe-in-place.
Expressway Cleaning
Consists of sweeping expressways and arterial routes.
Railroad (Track) Construction
Consists of sub-ballast construction, ballast construction, installation of crossites and installation of steel rails.
Marine Construction
Consists of the construction of harbors and docking facilities on lakes or rivers. This includes breakwater structures, seawalls, bulkheads, piers, and wharves. This work category is also applicable to excavation for structures (cofferdams, temporary cribs, etc.), piling, de-watering, mechanical dredging, underwater inspection and underwater repair.
Hydraulic Dredging
Dredging of various waterways by the use of pumping equipment.
Hot (in-place) Recycling
A road construction technique that involves a single-pass or a two-pass operation which scarifies and rejuvenates the existing pavement material or combines existing pavement material with virgin material.
Cold (in-place) Recycling
A road construction technique that reuses existing pavement material.
Material Supply
Providing various materials or a service in the purchase or delivery of materials.
Trucking & Supply
The transport of materials to, from or within a jobsite.
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