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After the I-35W bridge in Minnesota collapsed, the Federal Highway Administration issued Technical Advisory T5140.28, which charged state transportation agencies with ensuring that construction loading and stockpiled materials placed on structures do not overload its members.

In response to this advisory, the Department has developed GBSP 67, which requires the contractor to submit Structural Assessment Report(s) (SARs) to the engineer for approval. The SARs shall demonstrate that the structural demands of the applied loads due to the contractor’s means and methods will not exceed the available capacity of the structure at the time the loads are applied. This special provision is intended to replace the demolition special provision (GBSP 63) and to supplement the special provisions for erection of curved or complex steel structures.

This special provision will initially be applicable for pilot projects selected by the Department beginning with the June 12, 2009 letting. It requires that a contractor either be pre-approved to prepare a Structural Assessment Report or that the contractor use the services of a qualified structural engineering firm.

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