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All Bridge Designers Memoranda (ABD Memos)

ABD Memos are directives from the Bureau of Bridges and Structures advising bridge designers on bridge design policy changes prior to the policy's incorporation in this office's standards and manuals.

Special Instructions: The current ABD memos are available for download. Users can download individual memos or all memos. To download an individual file to your hard drive click the link with the right mouse button, then choose "save target as". To view the file, click the link with the left mouse button. A Table of Contents (TOC) with links to all the current memos is also available. The TOC is replacing the annual written notification of changes in the status of ABD memos. After downloading, the ABD memo files and the Table of Contents file must be placed in the same directory. Files are in Adobe PDF format.

Adobe Reader is required to view these files. Download Acrobat Reader

Download All Current Memos - Revised June 15, 2013

Current ABD Memos

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Table of Contents

June 15, 2013

ABD 13.X AASHTO LRFD 2013 Interims June 10, 2013 NEW
ABD 12.5 Revised Riprap Treatment Standards and Guidelines December 10, 2012 Active
ABD 12.4 Slipforming of Parapets Option August 17, 2012 Active
ABD 12.3 2012 Integral Abutment Bridge Policies and Details July 25, 2012 Active
ABD 12.2 New Bulb T-Beam Details for Improved Deck Removal April 16, 2012 Active
ABD 12.1 Vehicle Collision Force April 16, 2012 Active
ABD 12.0 AASHTO LRFD Specifications April 2, 2012 Active
ABD 11.4 New Permanent Sheet Piling Design Policy November 30, 2011 Incorporated
ABD 11.3 (rev.) LRFD Design Requirements for Precast and Cast-In-Place Box Culverts November 2, 2011
Revised January 27, 2012
ABD 11.2 New Cofferdam Policy August 8, 2011 Incorporated
ABD 11.1 Discontinued Use of Wave Equation Analysis of Piles March 3, 2011 Incorporated
AASHTO LRFD Spec. AASHTO LRFD Specification February 16, 2011 Archived
ABD 10.4 Composite Design of Negative Moment Regions of Steel Superstructures November 1, 2010 Incorporated
ABD 10.3 Revised Design and Construction Policies for PPC I-Beams and Bulb T-Beams June 15, 2010 Incorporated
AASHTO LRFD Spec. AASHTO LRFD Specification May 14, 2010 Archived
ABD 10.2 Load Rating Guidance for Bolted and Riveted Gusset Plates in Steel Truss Bridges May 11, 2010 Active
ABD 10.1 Bridge Painting Policy April 27, 2010 Active
AASHTO MBE AASHTO Manual for Bridge Evaluation April 3, 2009 Active
ABD 09.1 Guidelines for Structural Assessment Reports for Contractor's Means and Methods March 9, 2009 Active
ABD 08.4 Drainage Manual Modification \ Pipe Culverts & Storm Sewers November 7, 2008 Active
ABD 08.1 Evaluating Existing Substructures for Reuse February 20, 2008 Incorporated
Archive Announcement Metric Manuals March 19, 2007 Active
ABD 06.1 Structural Concrete Repair March 16, 2006 Active
ABD 05.4 Structure Geotechnical Report Policy September 30, 2005 Incorporated
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