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Technology Transfer Center
Videotape Library

The Videotape Library is composed of three sections:
Tapes numbered 001-199 are in the Loan/Reproduction section
Tapes numbered 200-399 are in the SHRP section
Tapes numbered 400-599 are in the Special Interest section.



Snow and Ice Control, IDOT, (60 min.)
This video shows components of the truck, snow plow hookup, changing the blade, daily checks, discusses salt and snow plow techniques.


Staying Ahead of the Storm, National Research Council-SHRP, (22 min.)
Discusses weather information and prediction systems for highways. Demonstrates that by utilizing these systems, they will reduce chemical usage, provide less disruption to traffic, and provide for a more efficient maintenance effort.


What is Anti-Icing and Anti-Icing for Maintenance Personnel, FHWA, 1996, (22 min.)
This two part video explains Anti-Icing Technology, its applications and benefits for highway agencies. Anti-Icing is an additional tool for snow and ice control.


Plow Power, APWA, (15 min.)
This video illustrates safety and snow plowing techniques on city streets, at intersections and in subdivision cul de sacs.


Safety Restoration During Snow Removal Guidelines, FHWA, (25 min.)
This video provides guidelines to follow to maintain safe conditions during highway snow removal operations. Snow removal situations on bridges, superelevated curves, along guard rails, and at intersections are examined.


Using Snow Plows on Motorgraders, FHWA, 1997 (16 min.)
This video details the correct way to attach snow plows to motorgrades and basic information on using snow plows. Three different types of plows are shown: front single, v plow, and the wing plow


Introduction to Winter Operations, Iowa DOT, 1998, (12 min.) Tape 1 of 5 part series
This video is the first in a series of winter videos produced by the Iowa DOT. This video shows different types of snow and ice removal equipment and explains their uses


Pre-Season Preparation, Iowa DOT, 1998, (30 min.) Tape 2 of series
This video discusses vehicle and equipment checks and maintenance to perform prior to snow and ice season.


Equipment Operation, Iowa DOT, 1998, (11 min.) Tape 3 of series
This video discusses pre- and post-storm equipment checks, proper radio procedures and the proper clothing to wear for working outdoors in the winter.


Snow Plowing Techniques, Iowa DOT, 1998, (31 min.) Tape 4 of series
This is a very good video showing proper plowing techniques on two-lane and divided four-lane highways, around islands and curbed medians, and through intersections


Anti-Icing and Deicing, Iowa DOT, 1998, (31 min.) Tape 5 of series
This is a technical video explaining brine making, anti-icing and deicing practices, and road weather information systems (RWIS).

077 Snow & Ice Control 2002, IL DOT, 2002, (57 minutes)
This video is divided into 6 parts: Plows & Blades, Spreaders & Spinners, Forecasting & Chemical Application, Pre-Storm Preparation, Plowing Techniques, and Post-Storm Clean Up.


Effective Snow Fences (21 min.)
Tells the important procedures to be followed during snow storms in order to provide better and safe movement to traffic. Also shows the proper storage of salt and the role of salt during snow storms.


Plows of the Future (8 min.)
The innovations in snow plow design for better visibility, control and energy savings.


SHRP Innovations in Snow and Ice Control 1993, (13 min.)
This video provides an overview of SHRP products developed to improve snow and ice control effectiveness and safety. It includes equipment ideas, weather information systems, and snow and ice control materials and methods.


Good Highway Winter Maintenance/Risk Management, Salt Institute, 1995, (9 min.)
This video shows the need for a highway winter maintenance program and its relation to risk management.


Weather and Loads: The Effect They Have on Roads, MLRRB, 1991, (17 min.)
Provides a basic education in "lay terms" and illustrations on the effects of loads and weather on road pavements. Shows how roads function and wear over time.


Wetted Salt, Dow Chemical, (20 min.)
Illustrates the added melting power of salt used for snow and ice control if it is pre-wetted with liquid calcium chloride, and the practical concerns for handling and application.


The Snowfighters, Salt Institute, 1995, (21 min.)
This video contains updated information on cost vs. benefits of salt as a highway deicer, maintenance and winter preparation, spreader calibration, snowfighting techniques and more.


Snow Removal Techniques - Plowing Tips From the Pros, Vista Videos, (23 min.)
This video provides excellent tips for snow plow operators to help them do a better job. This tape can be used as a training video for new operators and can give new information to experienced operators.


White Gold, APWA, (26 min)
This video shows the proper selection and operation of snow equipment. It discusses the advantages and limitations of various types of equipment, plows, and blades.


The New Generation of Snow and Ice Control, FHWA, 1998 (7 min)
This video compares two agencies during snow and ice control. One agency uses conventional snow and ice control methods and the other uses new Road Weather Information Systems and Anti-Icing Technology. The differences in service and costs are compared.


533 Snow and Ice 2000, Illinois Department of Transportation , 2000, (22 minutes)
Describes current snow and ice removal techniques utilized by IDOT.

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