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Frequent Questions

Illinois Department of Transportation - Outdoor Billboards

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  1. How do I check on the status of my permit application?

    Please email and Central Bureau of Land Acquisition staff will respond to your request. Please note that normal processing time for permit applications is 4 weeks from date of submittal. Once the review is complete you will be notified in writing if the review found that further information is needed or the application is approved or denied. Applications cannot be expedited and are processed as they are received.
  2. How do I advertise on the IDOT Interstate Blue Logo Signs?

    Visit for information.
  3. How do I get a Special Recognition Sign?

    For Special Recognition signs, DUI Memorial, and Tourist Oriented Directional signs (TODS). Contact the IDOT District pertaining to sign placement by navigating to the District Map.
  4. How do I get the GPS coordinate?

    If your proposed sign is over 150 sq. ft. you will need to submit a drawing by a licensed land surveyor. Your professional land surveyor should be able to provide you with the GPS coordinate. You can also obtain coordinates by using Google Maps.
  5. How do I determine Right of Way (ROW)?

    Contact the IDOT District pertaining to sign placement by navigating to the District Map.
  6. How do I obtain a Certificate Of Good Corporate Standing?

    If the business applying for a sign permit is incorporated or an LLC registered in the state of Illinois then we require that the applicant submit a copy of a Certificate of Good Corporate Standing from the Secretary of State’s office. A copy of the Certificate can be found here:
  7. How do I identify Scenic Byways?

    Visit for information on the byways. And to view a map of the byways please refer to the map here:
  8. How do I determine a controlled route?

    From the Outdoor Advertising home page map click the appropriate district. The Getting Around Illinois map will open. The controlled routes and existing permitted signs will populate. Navigate to the following link for more information:
  9. How do I submit a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request?

    You may submit your request in writing to:

Illinois Department of Transportation
Office of Chief Counsel
2300 S. Dirksen Parkway, Room 300
Springfield, IL
or for more information call 217-785-2965

  1. How do I contact IDOT regarding outdoor advertising signs?

    If you have reviewed the website and still have questions you may email us @ or call 217/785-0808.



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