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Occupational Safety

Accident InvestigationThis accident investigation program is designed to assist department employees who are responsible for investigations.

Automated External Defibrillator (AED)This class presents practical, hands-on information on using an AED in conjunction with CPR.  This course is certified through the American Heart Association.

Back Injury PreventionThis back injury prevention program is based on DuPont’s efforts to address back illnesses and injuries.  The program includes three sessions aimed at helping employees learn about cumulative trauma disorders of the back and how to prevent them.

Bloodborne Pathogens - This course is designed to address possible exposure to bloodborne pathogens such as Hepatitis B, HIV and other diseases transmitted through bodily fluids.

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) - This course is designed to certify IDOT employees in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).  The certification agency is the American Heart Association.

Confined Space - This course is designed to address potential hazardous situations in entry of confined spaces.

Crane SafetyThis course addresses hazards encountered when working with cranes.

Driving Maneuvers CourseThis course is designed to assist drivers in handling evasive maneuvers.  It is an actual driving course.  Participants will perform driving tasks in a controlled area.

Driving Skills 101 - This course was developed to educate employees of major traffic laws, Department driving rules and regulations and the drug and alcohol policy as it relates to driving issues.

Effective Safety RecommendationsThis course is designed for safety managers and other employees having safety responsibilities.

Electrical SafetyThis course is designed to address the hazards involved in working with and around electricity. 

Emergency PreparednessThis course is designed to instruct facility emergency wardens in the planning and development of an emergency preparedness plan for their facility.

Evaluating Safety Management SystemsThis course is designed for safety managers and other employees having safety responsibilities.

Fall ProtectionThis course is designed to address safety issues surrounding working heights.

Fire PreventionThis course is designed to address fire prevention and safety in the work place.

First Aid and CPRThis course is a multi-level, fully certified program developed by the American Heart Association and tailored to IDOT.

Hazard CommunicationThis course is designed to address hazard identification in connection with chemicals in the work place.

Hazard Identification and ControlThis course is an introduction to hazard identification.  It would be beneficial for all field employees.

Hearing ConservationThis course is designed to explain the effects of occupational noise.  It would be beneficial for all field employees.

Introduction to Department of LaborThis course is designed to provide a basic understanding of the responsibilities of the Illinois Department of Labor and how they can assist the Illinois Department of Transportation.

Laboratory Safety for Lab EmployeesThis course provides information and solutions to laboratory safety problems.

Lab Safety Course for SupervisorsThis course is designed to educate lab supervisors on OSHA standards and Department policy.

Ladder and Stair SafetyThis course is designed to address ladder and stair safety.

Lockout Tagout (LOTO)This course identifies the purpose and many applications of the Lockout/Tagout standard.

Material HandlingThis course addresses issues relating to proper handling of loads.

Office ErgonomicsThis course addresses the study of the relationship between people and their work environment.

Office SafetyThis course is designed for all employees who work in an office environment.

OSHA RecordkeepingThis course is designed to assist employees with the responsibility of incident recordkeeping.

OSHA 10 Hour Safety CourseThis course is targeted to field employees who do not have a supervisory role.  It incorporates a fundamental introduction to multiple safety topics.  Topics will be selected by the instructor and will be determined by the identified hazards to which the employee is exposed.

OSHA 30 Hour Safety CourseThis course is targeted to employees who have a supervisory role or oversee field operations and/or construction projects.   It incorporates an understanding of multiple safety topics.  The topics covered in this course will be specific to job responsibilities of the targeted employee.

Personal Protective EquipmentThis course demonstrates proper use of personal safety equipment.

Powered Industrial TruckThis course is designed to comply with the OSHA Powered Industrial Truck Standard.

Respiratory Protection TrainingThis training is designed as an initial and refresher course in the understanding of IDOT’s written Respiratory Protection Program.

Safety Committee Training – This course will help participants understand the role and functions of a joint Safety and Health Committee, discuss the responsibilities of the committee as they relate to safety and health issues, and discuss how the committee relates to the goals, mission and priorities of IDOT. 

ScaffoldsThis course addresses safety issues relating to scaffolds and fall protection specific to working on scaffolding.

Supervisor’s Guide to SafetyThis course is designed for all supervisors managing field operations.

Trenching and Shoring AwarenessThis course is designed to address safety issues related to trenching, excavations and shoring.

Walking Working SurfacesThis course addresses the safe practices relating to floors, wall openings, railings, toe boards, etc.

Welding SafetyThis course is designed to address hazards associated with welding.

Working with Tools SafelyThis course addresses proper procedures for working with hand and power tools.



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