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Growth and Training of Employees (GATE)

Addressing Sexual Harassment This seminar focuses on increasing an employee’s awareness of IDOT’s sexual harassment policy.  Participants are made aware of the zero tolerance aspect of the policy.  The sensitive nature of sexual harassment impacts on workplace activity is examined.

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Supervisor Training – This course introduces employees to the American with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Assert Yourself!  Developing Techniques for Personal Success – This seminar is designed for anyone who wants to take charge and live life.  Developing positive assertiveness can mean the difference in creating personal success and making things happen for you.  Developing assertiveness is more than just learning to talk differently.  Being assertive requires thinking assertively, feeling confident and behaving positively. 

Communicating Through Colors – This seminar focuses on identifying individual color (temperament) style.  It provides a new understanding of learning and communication styles according to “colors” of participants.

Conflict Through Colors – This seminar will assist participants in understanding their reaction to conflict and allows them to achieve new levels of success in dealing with difficult situations (Prerequisite: Communicating Through Colors).

Customer Service – This seminar focuses on the essentials for providing excellent customer service.  How you handle people can directly enhance customer relationships and organizational success.

Diversity Awareness – This seminar focuses on all areas of employee differences, including, but not limited to, gender, ethnicity, race, age, disability, and cultural backgrounds.

Effective Personnel Practices – This seminar focuses on IDOT personnel policies, procedures and practices as applied to the management and supervision of subordinates.

Get Self-ish: Increasing Your Confidence & Self-Esteem – This seminar focuses on self-improvement, self-confidence and most important of all, self-esteem.  You will feel more satisfied with your career, strengthen your personal relationships, handle tough times with confidence and develop a positive attitude.  It will help you “Get Self-ish”.

Goal Setting – This seminar focuses on the value of goals and the importance of fundamental goal setting.  Participants will create an action plan for their goals.

Office Ergonomics – This course addresses the study of the relationship between people and their work environment.  Features of the training include:  understanding ergonomics and why it is important to you, defining cumulative trauma disorders and learning how to prevent them; and identifying and evaluating ergonomic factors in your work area and making the appropriate adjustments to create a more ergonomically correct work station with the equipment you have.

OrientationThis seminar focuses on providing information on IDOT's major policies, procedures, benefits, and other issues to new employees.

Positive Stress Management – This is a certified stress management seminar focusing on the positive use of stress.

Stand Out! How to Present a Good Impression – This seminar focuses on how to gain the competitive edge at work.  Learn how to break out of your rut and get noticed!

Team Building Through Colors – This seminar focuses on why teams do or do not work effectively as a group.  It identifies the consequences of poor teamwork, the importance of understanding different personality types on the same team, and how to maintain quality teamwork (Prerequisite:  Communicating Through Colors).

Telephone Etiquette – This seminar provides a great overview/refresher of some of the essentials in providing excellent customer service.  It identifies and discusses difficult situations encountered with customers, reviews behaviors of difficult customers and discusses how our behavior, tone of voice, and statements are perceived by the public.

The Self Motivator:  Get Fired Up! – Many of us need rejuvenating from time to time.  We need our own spirits lifted.  We can hold no one responsible for our own personal or professional success outside ourselves.  Personal motivation is a must!  Personal motivation is just that - PERSONAL.  This seminar is designed to provide the tools that will show you how to develop motivational habits that could make a positive impact on you and your world.

Time Management – This seminar focuses on the skills of time management as it relates to your IDOT career and personal life.

When Facing Changing TimesThis seminar focuses on workplace change and how it affects IDOT employees personally and professionally.  Participants will discuss adaptive tools to assist them in becoming more resilient in their response to change.

Writing 101:  Back to the Basics – This seminar is designed as a review of the “basics.”  It will concentrate on all those rules we tend to forget such as proofing, sentence structure, editing, capitalization, punctuation, use of numerals, and subject verb agreement.  It will be conducted in a non-threatening, non-embarrassing environment.  Good writing skills will increase your credibility, promotability and agency knowledge.



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