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Executive Leadership Development Series (ELDS)

Assessing IDOT Programs and Issues – This seminar focuses on using the participants’ enhanced skills and abilities to assess IDOT programs and issues.  Participants are formed into teams and recommend topics which can improve Department effectiveness or operations.

Conflict ResolutionThis seminar focuses on identifying and resolving conflict in the workplace.  Participants develop an understanding of how the positive resolution of conflict results in better organizational effectiveness.

Directing and DelegatingThis seminar focuses on learning how, when and to whom to delegate, and the conditions for directing the most productive efforts of subordinates.

Diversity AwarenessThis seminar focuses on all areas of employee differences, including, but not limited to gender, ethnicity, race, age, disability, and cultural backgrounds.

Labor Relations TrainingSupervisors who attend this training will become familiar with the principles of progressive and corrective discipline and will learn how employee counseling can be utilized, in some instances, to potentially alleviate the need for discipline by bringing attention to employee problems and misunderstandings.

Leadership SymposiumWhat do leaders do?  What are the characteristics of a effective or dynamic leader?  Is leadership relevant to our jobs?  Might we all be leaders?  This seminar focuses on each of these questions and others to determine how leadership is developed in an organizational structure.

Positive Presentation SkillsParticipants will learn how to develop and deliver highly effective, quality presentations and successfully engage in the flow of information.

Supervisor’s Guide to SafetyAs a manager, you are responsible for every employee under your authority.  This responsibility includes their safety and health as they perform their daily job functions.  Through this course, you will gain a better understanding of safety in the workplace.



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