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Alton-Godfrey Transportation Study
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Community Advisory Group

An important part of the Alton-Godfrey Transportation Study and the Context Sensitive Solutions (CSS) process is extensive public participation in the study process. One highlight of our public involvement program is the formation of a Community Advisory Group (CAG).

The purpose of the CAG is to provide input on various elements of the study, including developing a problem statement, identifying issues important to the community and providing feedback on alternatives.

The CAG will function as a liaison between IDOT and the community as a whole, and will help generate interest in and knowledge about the study. This will help ensure opinions, values, and concerns of the community are shared with the study team, and that information developed by the team is distributed to the broader public.

It is important that the CAG be representative of all the varied interests and viewpoints that exist within the study area. The CAG is expected to be comprised of volunteers who represent a wide variety of local interests, such as elected leaders, police and fire officials, schools, hospitals, residents, businesses, and others with a stake in the study’s outcome.

Roles of CAG members:

  • Share information from the community with the study team
  • Share information from the study team with the community
  • Help ensure that community values and environment (context) are considered
  • CAG members provide input to the Project Study Group (PSG), which is responsible for project decision making

Responsibilities of CAG members:

  • Attend and participate in each CAG meeting
  • Communicate in an open and honest fashion
  • Respect the opinion of other CAG members
  • Endorse roles defined above
  • Always represent one’s organization and community interest
  • Consensus will be achieved on decisions; CAG process is not a vote

Being a CAG member requires a commitment of time and energy, as well as a desire to help create transportation solutions that will benefit Alton, Godfrey and the study area. We believe it will be an educational and rewarding experience for everyone involved.

Two CAG meetings have been held to date:

CAG Meeting #1 – August 8, 2012 

The first Community Advisory Group (CAG) meeting for the Alton-Godfrey Transportation Study was held August 8, 2012 at Lewis & Clark Community College.  The purpose of the meeting was to:

  • Provide an overview of the project, the environmental study process, and the public involvement / Context Sensitive Solutions (CSS) program
  • Outline the purpose, roles, and responsibilities of CAG members
  • Ask each CAG member to complete a Context Audit form, which is designed to collect information about the study area so that IDOT gains an understanding of community resources and values

Twenty-four (24) individuals, representing varied interests in the study area (government, transportation, business, emergency services, institutions, and residents) were invited by the Project Study Group (PSG) to participate in the CAG.  Of those invited, 13 were in attendance.

Click here for a full summary of CAG Meeting #1 and the presentation given to meeting attendees. 

CAG Meeting #2 – August 30, 2012

The second Community Advisory Group (CAG) meeting for the Alton-Godfrey Transportation Study was held August 30, 2012 at Lewis & Clark Community College.  The purpose of the meeting was to:

  • Provide a summary of the Context Audit
  • Ask for comments on the Stakeholder Involvement Plan
  • Present an overview of roadway classification and the levels of access and mobility associated with different roadway types, illustrated by photos of various roadways in the study area
  • Provide a summary of the study area crash analysis and traffic model
  • Develop the study’s Problem Statement

Fifteen (15) CAG members were in attendance at the meeting. 

Click here for a full summary of CAG Meeting #2 and the presentation given to meeting attendees.

Additional CAG meetings will be held at milestones during the study. Meeting summaries, presentations and other relevant documents for each meeting will be posted on this website following each meeting.

Membership of the CAG may evolve as different issues important to the community become known.  Additional members may be added to help address these issues or previously unidentified stakeholder interests.  If you are interested in being a CAG member, please click on the Contact Us page and fill out the comment form or contact:

Karen Geldert, P.E.
Senior Project Studies Engineer
Illinois Department of Transportation
Region 5/District 8
1102 Eastport Plaza Drive
Collinsville, IL 62234
Phone: 618-346-3157
Fax: 618-346-3202

Please note that depending on the level of response, not all who volunteer may be selected as CAG members.  However, all stakeholder input is welcome and can be submitted to the study team on the Contact Us page of this website, at public informational meetings, by email or through a CAG representative.


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