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Alton-Godfrey Transportation Study
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Get Involved

Public involvement is an essential component of the Alton-Godfrey Transportation Study. Your participation in the study and your input to the study team will help ensure that IDOT develops solutions that best accommodate the needs of the community.

Public Involvement and Context Sensitive Solutions (CSS)

The public involvement program developed for this study will be implemented using IDOT’s Context Sensitive Solutions (CSS) process.

IDOT defines CSS as an interdisciplinary approach that seeks effective, multi-modal transportation solutions by working with stakeholders (people who have an interest, or “stake,” in a project’s outcome) to develop, build, and maintain cost-effective transportation facilities which fit into and reflect the project’s surroundings, or “context.” Simply put, CSS places an emphasis on preserving or enhancing an area’s “quality of life” elements in the development of the State’s transportation facilities.

Under CSS, stakeholders are involved early and often throughout the project, especially before major decisions are made. The information and input gained from partnering with stakeholders is then used by the Project Study Group (PSG) to craft an informed solution to the transportation issue.

The CSS process works as a partnership between IDOT and stakeholders. The communities of Alton and Godfrey, Madison County, area businesses, residents, elected officials, travelers, and many others are all stakeholders in this study. IDOT will utilize the CSS process to educate stakeholders about the study and the study process, and to receive input and feedback from stakeholders for the duration of the study. IDOT’s goal for this study is to understand stakeholder needs for, and concerns about, transportation and mobility in the Alton-Godfrey area.

More information on IDOT’s CSS process can be found at

Stakeholder Involvement Plan

As a requirement of the CSS process, IDOT has developed a Stakeholder Involvement Plan (SIP) for this study that defines how the study team will inform and engage stakeholders for the duration of the study.

The SIP provides the framework for achieving consensus on issues and alternatives, describes methods and tools for stakeholder engagement, identifies stakeholders in the study area, and establishes a timing of stakeholder activities. The SIP will be updated periodically as the study moves forward.

How to Get Involved and Stay Informed

Opportunities for you to learn about the study, provide your input, and discuss the study with team members include the following:

Public Meetings

Public informational meetings will be held at key milestones during the study. All meetings will be held in open-house format, with no formal presentations. The meetings will be an opportunity for you to examine study maps, data, and other relevant information; to discuss the study with IDOT and consultant team members; and to provide your comments and input on the study.

Please visit the Meetings & Events page for details on dates and times of scheduled meetings.

Community Advisory Group

A Community Advisory Group (CAG) will be formed to provide input on various elements of the study, including developing a Problem Statement, identifying issues important to the community, and providing feedback on alternatives.

Please visit the Community Advisory Group page for more information.


Newsletters will be developed and distributed over the course of the study. These publications will feature the latest study news, will be used to communicate information about the study, and will encourage participation and input from the public.


This website has been developed to provide study information and to give you an opportunity to submit your comments and questions about the study. The site will be updated often with information about upcoming meetings and other study-related news and documents.

Mailing List

By subscribing to the study mailing list we can notify you of public informational meetings and send you study newsletters and other study information. If you would like to sign up for the mailing list, please provide your information on the Contact Us page and select either Email or U.S. Mail subscription.

All contact information is kept private, is for the sole use of the Alton-Godfrey Transportation Study, and will not be distributed to any entity outside of IDOT.


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