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Form Name Formerly Description Word Excel PDF

Revised Date

  Airport Access License Agreement      
    Airport Construction Documentation Manual      
  Fixed Base Operators Agreement      
  Lease for Real Estate at The Airport      
  Manager's Agreement Form      
    Manual for Documentation of Airport Materials      
AER 1 AERM-1 Acceptance Testing for Density Bituminous Mixes     12/16/11
AER 2 AERM- 2 Mean (X) and Standard Deviation Test for Outliers     12/16/11
AER 3 AERM- 3 Acceptance Testing for Strength 501 Concrete Mixes     12/16/11
AER 4 AERM- 4 Concrete Plant Production Mix Verification     12/17/09
AER 5 AERM- 5 Assignment of Material Description     6/26/08
AER 6 AERM- 6 Concrete Moisture Determination Adjusted Oven Dry Method     12/21/09
AER 7 AERM- 7 Plastic Concrete Air, Slump and Quantity      
AER 8 AERM- 8 P.C. Concrete Strength Report     6/26/08
AER 9 AERM- 9 Bituminous Mixture Daily Plant Output      
AER 10 AERM- 10 Bituminous Core Density Testing     12/31/09
AER 11 AERM- 11 Bituminous Mixtures Extraction     06/13/12
AER 12 AERM-12A AERM-12B Concrete Batch Weight Calculations     06/27/13
AER 12A AERM-12B Blended CA & AERM-12A Concrete Batch Weight Calculations/Field Gradations (Blended Aggregate)     06/27/13
AER 13 AERM- 13 Test Strip Growth Curve     12/16/11
AER 14 AERM- 14 Bituminous Testing Summary     09/18/13
AER 15 AERM- 15 PCC Testing Summary     01/11/10
AER 16 AERM- 16 Bituminous Nuclear Density Testing      
AER 17 AERM- 17 Field Soil Compaction (Nuclear)      
AER 18 Not Numbered Aggregate Certification of Compliance     08/09/10
AER 19 AERM- 19 Aggregate Moisture Determination Pycnometer Jar Method      
AER 20 AERM- 20 Mixer Performance Tests     12/16/11
AER 21 Not Numbered Preliminary Bituminous Mix Design     9/06
AER 22 Not Numbered Preliminary PCC Mix Design     9/15/10
AER 23 Not Numbered PCC Test Batch Documentation Report     03/07/11
AER 24 Not Numbered Sample Identification     03/30/11
AER 34   Airport Resident Application     02/16/12
AER 35   Diary Cover Sheet     03/07/11
AER 36   Resident Engineer's Diary     05/11/10
AER 37C   Two-Week Calendar Day Record     02/16/12
AER 49   Material On Hand Affidavit     04/30/09
AER 50   Local Let Project Tracking Worksheet & Documentation     06/05/13
AER 51   Authorization of Contract Changes     03/08/11
AER 51L   Authorization of Contract Changes (Local Let)     01/04/11
AER 131   Statement of Materials on Hand     03/07/11
AER 163   Report of Employee Interviews     12/05/12
AER 255   Progress Schedule     03/07/11
AER 260A   Request for Approval of Subcontractor     05/03/11
AER 261   Substance Abuse Prevention Program Certification     5/14/10
AER 300   AIP Sponsor Certification Selection of Consultants     11/30/09
AER 301   AIP Sponsor Certification Equipment/Construction Contracts     11/30/09
AER 302   AIP Sponsor Certification Project Plans and Specification     11/30/09
AER 303   AIP Sponsor Certification Construction Progress Reimbursement     11/30/09
AER 304   AIP Sponsor Certification Equipment Final Acceptance     11/30/09
AER 305   AIP Sponsor Certification Construction Project Final Acceptance     11/30/09
AER 316   Appraisal Review Certification     01/14/14
AER 356B   Proposal Bid Bond     5/7/09
AER 606   Claim for Incidental Expenses for Acquired Property (Residential)     11/12/09
AER 628   Inspector's Daily Report (IDR)      
AER 635   Extra Work Daily Report     03/08/11
AER 742   Appraisal Report     01/15/14
AER 777   Notice of Nondiscrimination Clause     12/05/12
AER 963   Claim for Replacement Housing Supplement     10/31/11
AER 981   Agreement on Accuracy of Plan Quantities     06/18/08
AER 1013   Progress Documentation Review Worksheet     10/20/11
AER 1014   Final Documentation Review Worksheet     10/20/11
AER 1015   Materials Documentation Review Worksheet      07/08/09
AER 1016   Contract Time Suspension/Resumption Notification      02/16/12
AER 1465   Truck Tare Weights     03/08/11
AER 1777   Contractor's Performance Evaluation     03/08/11
AER 1957   Weekly Statement of Compliance and Certified Transcript of Payroll     10/31/13
AER 1958 AER 12 DBE/WBE Final Documentation     02/14/14
AER 1961   Vendor Invoice     04/08/14
AER 1967   Biennial Application for Registration of Federal Airman Certificate   01/02/08
AER 2019   Request for Extension of Time     10/18/10
AER 2020   Construction Phase Engineering Amendment Application     02/06/13
AER 2048
  Application for Registration of Federal Aircraft Certificate   03/04
AER 2056   Application for Waiver      
AER 2057   Application for Approval of Extension or Alteration      
AER 2058   Application to Transfer Certificate of Approval      
AER 2059   Application for Airport Certificate of Approval      
AER 2060   Application for Heliport Certificate of Approval    
AER 2061 AER 2583 Request for Extension of Time for Proposed Airport/RLA/Heliport   9/06
AER 2062 AER 2582 Request for Extension of Time for Airport/RLA/Heliport Alteration/Extension     9/06
AER 2064 AER 2548 Rescission of Certificate of Approval     9/06
AER 2259   Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan / Erosion Control Inspection Report      
AER 2367   Independent Truck Weight Check     10/18/10
AER 2400   Compliance Checklist      
AER 2430     Negotiator Report     11/12/09
AER 2465   Affidavit of Beneficial Interest     03/01/10
AER 2467     Affidavit of Non-Production     7/15/10
AER 2485     Partial Release     7/15/10
AER 2486     Complete Release of Mortgage by Corp.     7/15/10
AER 2487     Complete Release of Mortgage by Individual     7/15/10
AER 2488     Tenant's Release of Lease     7/15/10
AER 2489   Consent to Title Restriction      7/16/10
AER 2490   Utility Subordination Agreement     7/15/10
AER 2500   Limited Approval to Transfer Real Estate     03/01/10
AER 2514     Relocation Plan Interview Residential     01/13/09
AER 2515     Relocation Plan Interview Business     01/13/09
AER 2516     Relocation Assistance Unit Record     07/06/09
AER 2517 AER 6019B Relocation Assistance Parcel Check List     6/18/09
AER 2518 AER 6019A Claim for Moving Expenses Residential     07/06/09
AER 2518A   Residential Moving Expense and Dislocation Fixed Payment Schedule      
AER 2518B   Moving Expenses Worksheet - Residential      
AER 2519   Request for Determination of Entitlement for Payment in Lieu of Moving Expenses     7/16/10
AER 2520   Claim for Relocation Payments - Nonresidential     9/3/10
AER 2521     Dwelling Inspection Decent Safe and Sanitary     5/26/10
AER 2522     Payment Evaluation for Replacement Housing Supplemental Purchase     10/31/11
AER 2523     Replacement Housing Supplement Comparable Listing     7/16/10
AER 2524     Payment Evaluation for Replacement Housing Supplement (Rent)     10/31/11
AER 2525     Economic Means Evaluation     11/25/09
AER 2526   Mortgage Interest Differential Payments     7/16/10
AER 2527   MIDP Computation Using HP-12C      7/16/10
AER 2528   MIDP Computation Using TI Business Analysts or Radio Shack EC-100     7/16/10
AER 2529   Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) Paving Daily Record     3/30/11
AER 2530   Replacement Housing Supplement Certification     7/16/10
AER 2531   PCC Paving Daily Record     3/30/11
AER 2584   Application for Registration of a Special Purpose Aircraft      
AER 2586   Application for Dropping of Objects Permit      
AER 11012   Certification of Nonsegregated Facilities      
FAA 7460-1
  Notice of Proposed Construction or Alteration    
FAA 7480-1
  Notice of Landing Area Proposal    
SF 424   Application for Federal Assistance    
Sample Tiedown-Hangar Lease

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