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Hospital Heliport Directory

The Illinois Department of Transportation – Division of Aeronautics has created a new Hospital Heliport Directory to assist in planning EMS flight operations throughout the state. This supersedes the previous version of the directory (2002-2003). In order to provide the most current and accurate information, the directory will now be offered as an electronic document available for download/print. Changes to this directory will be made as information is verified. All amendments will be noted by date and posted on this website as they occur. Please visit this site often and refresh your browser to check for updates.

This document is published and maintained by the Illinois Department of Transportation, Division of Aeronautics. Should you have any corrections, comments, or suggestions, please contact:
Ms. Linda Schumm, Bureau Chief of Aviation Safety
Division of Aeronautics
1 Langhorne Bond Drive
Springfield, Illinois 62707-8415
Phone: 217-785-4215
Fax: 217-785-4533

To the users of this directory:

The purpose of this directory is to provide information to the aeronautical community for planning purposes when operating to and from hospital heliports in the state of Illinois. This directory is not intended to be relied upon as a completely accurate depiction of existing heliport conditions.

All hospital heliports in Illinois are classified as Restricted Landing Areas and are for private use only. Prior permission to operate from the heliport should be obtained from the hospital administration.

Everyone involved in the production of this document has strived to ensure that the information contained within is accurate. However, it is always possible that errors have been made. Also, conditions at a heliport can change at any time. Users should obtain the latest information from all available sources prior to flight.

Remember, the pilot in command is ultimately responsible for the safety of the flight. That includes obtaining the most accurate information possible. This directory alone will not fulfill that obligation.


Pages Affected Hospitals Affected Comments

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2014-4-24 iv, vi, vii Table of Contents  Name Changes, FAA Loc Ids Added Download
1 Mercer County Hospital, Aledo, IL Name Change to Genesis Medical Center
14 St. Joseph’s Hospital, Breese, IL Elevation Correction, New Photo
28 St. James Hospital, Chicago Heights, IL Name Change to Franciscan St. James Health
54 Gateway Regional Medical Center, Granite City, IL Elevation Correction
67 Passavant Area Hospital, Jacksonville, IL Change Comment Regarding Inbound Call
80 McDonough District Hospital, Macomb, IL New Pad, Old Pad Permanently Closed
92 Kirby Medical Center, Monticello, IL New Loc Id, New Photo
96 Crossroads Community Hospital, Mt. Vernon, IL Change Approach Path to 095 and New Photo
97 St. Mary’s Good Samaritan, Mt. Vernon, IL New Loc Id
103 Advocate Christ Medical Center, Oak Lawn, IL Change Approach Path to 290, Correct Pad Elev.
105 St. James Hospital, Olympia Fields, IL Name Change to Franciscan St. James Health
111 Peoria Methodist Medical Center, Peoria, IL Closed Indefinitely
145 Rush-Copley Emergency Center, Yorkville, IL New Loc Id, New Photo


Pages Affected Hospitals Affected Comments

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2013-08-20       Download
v-vii Forward Add St. Joseph's Hospital, Highland IL
33 DeKalb - Kishwaukee Community Hospital Added note about based aircraft on pad
62A Highland - St. Joseph’s Hospital New facility - opens 8/22/2013
65 Hoffman Estates - St. Alexius Medical Center Frequency changes
67 Jacksonville - Passavant Area Hospital Added note about based aircraft on pad
102 Normal - Advocate BroMenn Medical Center Change approach from 080 to 050
130 Springfield - Memorial Medical Center Temporary helipad during construction
2013-04-12 65 Hoffman Estates - St. Alexius Medical Center Moved helipad 993’ to the South-Southwest Download
2013-03-19 107 Palos Heights - Palos Community Hospital Moved helipad 775’ to the Northeast Download
2013-02-23 27 Chicago - University of Chicago Hospitals New Aux helipad for UCAN Helicopter Download
2013-01-24 iv Forward Add Loc Id for Lurie Children’s Hospital.
Name Change: Provena United Samaritans in Danville
Name Change: Community Hospital of Ottawa is now OSF St. Elizabeth
vi Forward Name Change: St. Mary’s Good Samaritan Hospital – Mt Vernon, New Loc Id Pending
23 Chicago - Lurie Children’s Hospital Add Loc Id and Communications Frequency
24 Chicago - J. H. Stroger Hospital of Cook County Correct Latitude/Longitude
29 Danville - Provena United Samaritans Med Ctr   Name Change, Correct Latitude/Longitude
77 Lincoln - Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital Approach Correction
86 McHenry - Centegra Hospital Approach Correction
96 Mt Vernon - Crossroads Community Hospital Update Street Map to show new St. Mary’s Good Samaritan Location.
97 Mt Vernon - St. Mary’s Good Samaritan Hospital New Helipad at New Campus, Name Change, New Loc Id Pending
106 Ottawa - OSF St. Elizabeth Hospital Name Change: Community Hospital of Ottawa is now OSF St. Elizabeth Hospital
116 Pontiac -OSF St. James Hospital New Phone Number
125 Rockford - Swedish American Hospital Elevation Correction
2012-07-17 64 Hinsdale – Adventist Hinsdale Hospital Helipad open 7/17/2012 at 8:00 AM. Download
2012-06-29 53 Glenview - North Shore Glenbrook Hospital Helipad reopening 7/2/2012 at 8:00 AM.
New helipad opened May 2011, and has been closed since due to construction cranes in the vicinity
75 Lawrenceville Corrected Approach
120 Robinson – Crawford Memorial Hospital Helipad moved 85’ Northeast
New approaches 090/200 degrees
new helipad opens 6/29/2012 at 8:00 AM




ALL See files below

The files below represent the entire Hospital Heliport Directory. They are the most current version of the Directory and incorporate all the individual updates found above. Please click the links below to download the sections. Please note that the files are large and it may take several minutes to download each file.

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