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Project Involvement

Public Stakeholder Involvement
Considering the likelihood of considerable impacts this project may have on the community and the environment, and wide range of improvement possibilities, IDOT has designated this project to be guided under the principles of Context Sensitive Solutions (CSS). CSS is a collaborative and interdisciplinary approach which involves all stakeholders in the project's development. Its purpose is to design cost-effective transportation solutions that best fit in harmony with the surrounding community while maintaining safety and mobility. A "stakeholder" is someone who may be affected by the project --- stakeholders can be businesses, schools, elected officials, public agencies, land owners, or the general public. We want to get you, as a stakeholder and part of the concerned public, involved in the Phase I Location and Environmental Studies. Your participation ensures that we develop the solution which best accommodates the needs of the community.

Public Stakeholder Involvement Plan
In order for the Illinois Department of Transportation to develop a safe transportation solution that meets the needs of the community, it will need the help of the public (you). To draw out the greatest value from public participation, the US Route 136 Realignment is incorporating a Stakeholder Involvement Plan (SIP). The SIP outlines a public involvement process, making sure the opinions and recommendations of stakeholders are considered in the decision making.

Goals and Objectives of SIP:

  • Identify stakeholders and provide opportunities for timely and meaningful input through all phases of the project.

  • Identify transportation problems to be solved by the project with the help of stakeholders

  • Identify alternative solutions with help of the stakeholders

  • Choose a preferred alternative solution with the help of the stakeholders

  • Treat all involved parties with respect and dignity

Advisory Committee
The Stakeholder Involvement Plan for this study includes a community advisory committee. The committee will serve as a liaison between the public and IDOT to ensure that community's views and recommendations are considered in the project's development. The committee will meet periodically with the Project's Study Group to discuss project ideas and concerns, and evaluation of the alternative solutions. At the onset of the project, such advisory committee will be established.

CAG Meeting #1 Minutes

CAG Meeting #2 Minutes

Public Meetings/Hearing
The Stakeholder Involvement Plan for this study includes two Public Informational Meetings and one Public Hearing as listed below to present the project information and details to the public and seek their comments.

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