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Illinois Route 83 Project 

Frequently Asked Questions

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Access to Property/Utilities

Bike and Pedestrian Paths

Briar Terrace


Cedar Lake Bridge

Downtown Antioch Impact

Gutter/Storm Sewers

Improvements to IL Route 83

Land Acquisition

Project Starting Point

Roads/Speed Limits/Right Turn Lanes/Safety


Sequoit Creek




In and out of residential drive - will it be blocked off for any period of time? How will I get into traffic daily? Will my water be turned off for more than a few hours/day? Near the library, will the sidewalks be kept?

Temporary aggregate drives will be provided to maintain access during construction. There will be times during excavation and sewer placement operations that the access will be blocked for short durations. The contractor will be required to give advance notice to the residents when his operations will affect access to their property. Any disruptions to water service will be coordinated through the village and the residents notified in advance. Sidewalks between Orchard Street and North Avenue will be removed and replaced. The sidewalk opposite the contractor’s work area will remain open.

Will residents be identified separately from general public to be allowed access to our neighborhood?

The contractor will not be allowed to cut off all access to Rte 83. If a road is to be closed for any extended duration of time the contractor will be required to install advance notice signs showing the start date and duration of the closure. IDOT cannot account for any emergency closings; our contractor is also obliged to follow the instructions of any emergency personnel.

I live between North Ave and Orchard on Main Street. My Main water main is located close to the Curb will they shut off this main water main when the street gets done?

No, the water main will not be shut off during construction work of the road.

Will my main water line be relocated closer to my home?

No, the water main line will not be relocated closer to any residences between North Ave. and Orchard St.


Since bike paths aren't part of this project, it is a serious step backwards? - What year did plans start?

The roadway provides an additional foot of pavement plus the 2 foot gutter in curbed areas and a three foot paved shoulder in areas without C & G to accommodate bike traffic. Due to right of way constraints, the additional pavement width could not be provided from IL Route 173 to North Avenue. Phase I Project Report began in 1996. Phase II Construction Plans began in 2000.

Will there be a crosswalk at the High School and a better awareness for children walking south of IL-173?

Crosswalks with Pedestrian signals have been provided on the North and West sides of the intersection, aligning with sidewalk to the south.

What kind of sidewalk precautions will be taken near IL-83 and North Ave.?

Sidewalks exist and will be provided on both sides of the roadway. Crosswalks with Pedestrian signals have been provided on the South and East sides of the Rte 83/North Avenue intersection.

Will there be a wider lane for bicyclists?

Bicyclists from Grass Lake Road and North Avenue will have accommodations along Illinois Route 83 through wider outside lanes or shoulders.

What is going to happen to the sidewalks and bike lanes? Will they be added and are they being considered?

It is the policy of the Department to consider the travel needs of all users of a transportation corridor when planning transportation projects. As such, during the planning of this project, IDOT coordinated with the local stakeholders to take into consideration the pedestrian and bicycle needs. The proposed scope of work will include removing and replacing the existing sidewalk with a minimum 5 foot sidewalk. Where right-of-way is available 7 foot sidewalks are used. Handicap ramps will be provided in accordance with ADA requirements. Illinois Route 83 is not a designated on-road bicycle facility; however, Grass Lake Road and North Avenue are recommended on-road facilities therefore these segments will have wider outside lanes or shoulders along Illinois Route 83 to accommodate bicyclists connecting between the two facilities.


Will Briar Terrace be aligned with Grimm Rd and have a traffic light?

No, Briar Terrace will not be aligned with Grimm Road and no traffic signal lights will be installed.


What will be the impact to businesses along route?

Traffic tends to follow the path of least resistance so IDOT anticipates that the amount of vehicular traffic through the construction site will be reduced. IDOT will maintain changeable message signs reminding motorists that the downtown businesses are open. In the past, some creative businesses have worked with their Chamber of Commerce to coordinate construction sales, alternative routes or alternative parking locations rebates through the Chamber of Commerce for spending a certain amount at downtown businesses, etc… IDOT also recommends that the businesses select a point person to work with the department and contractor over any business concerns and to provide construction updates and schedules.


Why is Cedar Lake bridge only 3 lanes wide?

During the preliminary engineering phase, it was stipulated that the new bridge be constructed within the existing highway right-of-way due to the very sensitive biological environmental issues associated with Cedar Lake. Thus, the bridge cross section will be limited to three lanes.


Define downtown.

Downtown is defined from Park Avenue to Orchard Street.

Downtown impact? Does downtown get 3 lanes as well?

Yes, the downtown segment typical section will have one 11-foot through lane in each direction separated by an 11-foot striped median with 8 foot wide parking stalls. The Village of Antioch was involved in the development of geometry of the “downtown” section.

Has a bypass around Antioch's downtown been considered?

IDOT has not considered a bypass around Antioch and is not aware of such a bypass by local stakeholders.


Will there be gutter and storm sewers all along the entire project?


Will curb and gutters be entire length of project? What type of landscaping?

No, all the improvements are listed under the heading Improvements to IL Route 83.


The Project begins with a rural section with shoulders and open drainage from Petite Lake Road to about Town Line Road. The road will have one lane in each direction.

An urban section with curb and gutter and enclosed drainage is used from Town Line Road to Eagles Nest Road. The roadway will be widened to three lanes with the center lane used for left turns.

From Eagles Nest Road to Grimm Road the roadway has segments of rural (shoulders and open drainage) and urban (curb & gutter and enclosed drainage). The three lane section is used throughout this segment.

From Grimm Road through the Village of Antioch, the three lane urban section is used. There is minor widening to provide the three lane section. On-street parking in the downtown area is retained. The three lane section ends north of the Canadian Railroad tracks and North Avenue.

North of the tracks, the roadway reverts to a two lane rural section with shoulders and open drainage to the state line matching improvements done in Wisconsin.

Is there a vision for the future of 4 or 5 lanes on IL-83? Why can’t the project extend to four lanes?

The properties along Illinois Route 83 from Illinois Route 173 to North Avenue fall under section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act criteria, the residential section included a majority of the houses to be potentially eligible for inclusion on the National Register of Historic Places. A 3 lane cross section was the absolute maximum cross section allowed by the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency (IHPA). Furthermore, in order to avoid adverse effects to these properties the proposed median was reduced to 10 feet and the through lanes were reduced to 11 feet. South of Illinois Route 173, there is environmentally sensitive land that is adjacent to the roadway and would be compromised if a 4 or 5 lane widening were to be done.

There are numerous sensitive environmental resources/issues along the project corridor. In particular, Cedar Lake, which is just west of IL 83 at its overpass crossing of the SOO line RR is a Illinois Natural Area Inventory (INAI) site crossing. As such, IDOT strives to great lengths to avoid impacting these properties. As a result, we made commitments to do NO WORK on the west side of IL 83 in this area. Also, the center of town from approximately Harden Street/Chestnut Street to Lake Street is a dense commercial corridor with on-street parking and is saturated with potentially historic properties. Any add-lanes through this stretch would not only require eliminating all on street parking, but would also impact these historic properties (actual building impacts). Given these issues, the Department maximized the safety and operational benefits by adding long sections of 3 lane cross sections to accommodate two-way left turns through most of the project corridor, which has numerous closely spaced driveways and is currently a 2-lane undivided roadway. IDOT also looked closely at each signalized intersection to maximize the operations by adding right and left turn lanes as appropriate and feasible while being careful to minimize impacts. According to IDOT website, existing Average Daily Traffic (ADT) along IL 83 is around 12,000 vehicles per day (vpd), which is well within the limits a 3-lane roadway can handle. 3-lane roadways typically operate efficiently up to an ADT of around 16,000 vpd.

The sensitive environmental and cultural resources along the corridor would be severely impacted if this corridor were to be widened to accommodate a 4 or 5 lane cross section along Illinois Route 83, as such this option is not currently being pursued by the Department.


When will the property appraisal, offer, and acquisition process start?

All right-of-way was previously acquired in 2001 & 2002. Currently the Illinois Department of Transportation is reviewing temporary easements needed for construction purposes. The renewal process began last summer in 2008.

What properties does IDOT need to acquire for the project? Do you release this info?

A total of 283 parcels are needed for this project, only 20 temporary easements remain to be purchased. An appointment can be scheduled at our IDOT Schaumburg office to view the highway right-of-way plats.

On IL-83 and Grimm Road, is there awareness that the land there is an industrial area?

When IDOT conducted the study in Phase I, IDOT was aware of the land use adjacent to the project at this particular location.

Will there be a traffic light installed on IL-83 and Grimm Road?

Currently it is not warranted to install a traffic light at this location.


Will the project start on the north or south side of IL-83?

IDOT provides the plans and contract requirements to the contractor. It is the contractor’s decision on how to most efficiently and effectively approach the project. Once IDOT has a contractor and schedule, the department will work with the Village and Chamber of Commerce to provide periodic updates for the construction.


Is this a total rebuild? Will construction on the road be total rip up and redo with blacktop and concrete?

The improvements consist of milling 1” of pavement and placing 2 ½” of Hot-mix Asphalt pavement. Widening will be done using full depth HMA pavement.

Will speed limits be lowered south of 173? Are there going to be street lights added at Grimm and Ainsley?

There will be no change in Speed Limits with the improvement. The project contains no provisions for roadway lighting. No signals are contemplated at these intersections.

Right turn lanes at Grass Lake Road? Or/and Rte 173? Or/and North Avenue?

North Ave. at IL-83 will have exclusive right turn lanes in the Westbound and Northbound direction. IL-173 at IL-83 will have exclusive right turn lanes in all directions. Grass Lake Road at IL-83 will have exclusive right turn lanes in the Westbound, Eastbound, and Southbound directions.

The area I live in there are a lot of car accidents throughout the year. Do you have Police records of how many accidents occur between North and Orchard and will the street be redesigned so that in the future this will cause less car accidents?

IDOT has reviewed the crashed history along this segment. The reviews showed a high percentage of rear-end crashes. The widening of IL 83 to add a center 2-way left turn lane reduces the potential for these types of collisions.


What safety improvements will be done to the intersection of U.S. 45 at Casey Road? What precautions will be done to stop speeding on U.S. 45?

IDOT understands there are many concerns for the proposed improvements to the intersection of U.S. Route 45 at Casey Road. While the existing and future land uses along Casey Road east of U.S. Route 45 would suggest limited growth in traffic, the existing traffic volumes warrant left turn lanes to maximize the safety and operations of this intersection. In regards to speeding, IDOT would recommend contacting the local law enforcement agency to address any existing or future speed violation related issues.


What will happen to Sequoit Creek that runs through and under downtown?

Sequoit Creek in the Downtown area is conveyed in a 96” storm sewer that is adequate to handle the 100 year storm.

Any consideration to open Sequoit Creek and enjoy its beauty? Can there be an open bridge?

There was no consideration to removing the existing storm sewer and creating an open flow channel.


Will the sidewalks be replaced with the same type as downtown-pressed concrete to look like brick-or simply replaced with concrete?

The sidewalks will not be replaced with the pressed concrete to look like brick. They will be replaced in-kind.

Will existing concrete driveways be replaced with concrete or asphalt?

The driveways will also be replaced in-kind.

Will any trees/vegetation be replaced with like trees/vegetation?


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