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Study Area & Process

Study Area

The Illinois Route 47 study area is comprised of approximately 4.2 miles along IL 47, from Illinois Route 71 on the north to Caton Farm Road on the south.  The study area contains agricultural and rural land uses for the southern three (3) miles located primarily in unincorporated Kendall County, with a mixture of residential and commercial land uses within the portion of the study area located in the United City of Yorkville.  The existing roadway generally consists of a two-lane rural cross-section with open ditch drainage for the southern, unincorporated area, and two-lanes with turning lanes and intersection widening for the northern section in Yorkville.  IDOT has identified that the current traffic volumes in this corridor are near the capacity of the existing roadway, and that additional development and lack of alternate routes will continue to increase demand on the state highway system.  The proposed scope of work will be determined through engineering evaluation and public involvement.  Preliminary engineering studies have been conducted for adding lanes to IL 47 north and south of this study area.

Study Process

Step One: Stakeholder Identification, Development of the SIP, Project Initiation.  This stage of the project development process includes: organizing a Community Advisory Group; reaching out to local officials and other agencies about the project; and hosting Public Information Meeting #1 to educate stakeholders, identify study area issues/concerns and present initial alternatives.  Community context audits will be prepared for Yorkville and Kendall County to identify unique community characteristics that contribute to the project’s context and will need to be considered in the project development process.

Step Two: Refine Alternatives.  This stage of the project consists of the further detailed evaluation of project alternatives.  

Step Three: Approval of Final Alternative.  The process will continue with the identification and concurrence of the preferred design and approval of the Preferred Alternative. The Preferred Alternative will be based on technical analysis and stakeholder input.

Study Schedule:

Project Study Group:

The Project Study Group (PSG) consists of representatives from the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT), Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), the project consultant team and other technical agencies as appropriate.  The membership of the PSG may evolve as the understanding of the project’s context is clarified.

The PSG has primary responsibility for the project development process. This group will meet throughout the study process to provide oversight and expertise in key areas including study process, agency procedures and standards, and technical approaches.

Other responsibilities of the PSG include the following:

  • Expediting the project development process.
  • Identifying and resolving project development issues.
  • Promoting partnerships with stakeholders to address identified project needs.
  • Working to develop consensus among stakeholders.

The PSG will make the ultimate project recommendations and decisions on this project.

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