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Illinois Route 47 at Plato Road

General Information

The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) is conducting a Preliminary Engineering and Environmental (Phase I) Study for the purpose of evaluating suitable traffic control alternatives that address the safety and mobility of traffic currently experienced at the intersection of Illinois Route 47 at Plato Road in Plato Township. This intersection is an all-way stop controlled intersection with a single flashing beacon light located in the center of the intersection with a single luminaire. The land surrounding the intersection is mainly open farm land with residential homes, three schools, an equine hospital, stables, a small airport, and other commercial businesses lying within the study area.

Purpose and Need

The purpose of this improvement is to evaluate suitable traffic control alternatives that address the safety and mobility of traffic currently experienced at the intersection. This is needed to address the intersection’s existing traffic control which currently exhibits excessive queues and delays.

Alternative 1: Traffic Signal

Traffic signals would be installed on all legs of the intersection of Illinois Route 47 at Plato Road. This work would include widening the roadway to accommodate a single 12’ wide left turn lane and a 12’ wide shared through/right lane on all legs. Paved 8’ and 6’ wide shoulders would be on each leg respectively. Drainage would be improved within the proposed study area. Lighting for this alternative is not needed.

Alternative 2: Modern Roundabout

The all-way stop controlled intersection would be converted into a modern roundabout with a 14’ wide circulating single lane. The center of the roundabout has been shifted north and east to deflect entering vehicles approaching the roundabout. Long splitter islands are proposed on all legs to deflect entering vehicles as well. A 14’ wide concrete truck apron, located just outside of the central island, is proposed. This area will accommodate large trucks, farm equipment, and emergency vehicles providing them with an additional area to maneuver through the circle. Entering vehicles would yield to traffic circulating counter-clockwise in the circle. The existing drainage would be improved just as in Alternative 1. Lighting around the roundabout would be installed.

Public Meeting

A public meeting was held at the Central High School in Burlington, Ill., on Tuesday, Dec. 10, 2013, to introduce the proposed plan. Below are the exhibits and presentation that were shown at this public meeting.

Comments are now being taken and must be received by Jan. 9, 2014.

IL 47 PH Brochure
IL 47 at Plato Power Point
IL 47-PM Exhibits
IL 47 at Plato-Alt 1 Signal
IL 47- Prop RAB Rendering
IL 47-Signage Layout Example
IL 47- Auto Turn Alt 1
IL 47-AutoTurn Alt 2
IL 47-DETOUR MAP-Reduced
IL 47-Prop PLAN-PROF Alt 1
IL 47-Prop PLAN-PROF Alt 2
IL 47 Prop Typical Alt 1
IL 47-Prop Typical Alt 2
IL 47 Prop ROW Overlap for Alternatives 1 and 2
IL47 at Plato Post Card Invitation – Handout Size

Comment Form: IL 47 PH Comment Form

Driving simulations:

IL47_at_Plato Signalized Option
IL47_at_Plato Modern Roundabout

Roundabout Information:

FHWA Information Brochure-Roundabout-A Safer Choice
FHWA Information Brochure-Your Community Deserves A Lot Less
Roundabout Kids Activity Book



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