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Patrick J. Quinn, Governor
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Concrete & Asphalt Pavement Placement, Bridge Deck Preparation, Topsoil Placement & Lighting Work- May 2014

Retaining & Noise Wall Construction, Bridge Deck Preparation & Concrete Placement of Pavement, Shoulders & Curb – April 2014


Retaining & Parapet Wall Construction, Bridge Deck Prep, Traffic Signal Installation – March 2014


Retaining Wall & Bridge Construction, Traffic Signal Foundation & Cable Installation – February 2014


Retaining and Noise Wall Construction, Traffic Signal Installation – January 2014


Pour Concrete Noise Wall Foundations and Electric Foundations, Retaining Wall Construction- December 2013


Bridge Deck Forming & Pouring , Concrete Pavement Placement and Permanent Landscaping – November 2013


Retaining Wall Construction, Bridge Beam Setting, Concrete & Asphalt Pavement Placement - October 2013


Relocation/Excavation, Curb Placement, Block Wall Installation, Concrete Pavement Placement – September 2013


Concrete Paving, Storm Sewer, Aggregate Placement – August 2013


Concrete Paving, Storm Sewer, Underground Electrical, Temp Stabilization - July, 2013


Retaining Walls, Full Depth Asphalt Pavement,
Storm Sewer, Sidewalk, and Earthwork - June, 2013


Retaining Walls, Earthwork, & Concrete Paving - May, 2013


Retaining Walls, Abutments, Underground Utilities – March/April 2013

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