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Throughout the study process, there will be a number of ways to participate. You may follow the progress of the project by attending PWG meetings, checking the website, and receiving newsletters. The public meeting was held in March 26, 2013 to gather public input and share project information. Study newsletters will be sent to those that wish to be added to the study’s mailing list by filling out the form to the right.

Public Hearing
A public hearing is planned for February 13, 2014 to announce the preliminary preferred alternative and to gather additional input from the public.

Public Meeting
A public meeting was held at the start of the study to offer opportunities for interested parties to provide input into community context, transportation issues, the project problem statement, and the development of possible solutions. The location and time of the public meeting was advertised in brochures as well as in local newspapers to invite all community members to attend. Throughout the study, this website and other multimedia and interactive opportunities to provide input and receive information will be made available.

Project Study Group
The project study group is comprised of representatives from the Illinois Department of Transportation

Project Working Group
A Project Working Group (PWG) was formed to assist the IDOT Project Study Group (PSG) with defining the study’s context, determining the study’s Purpose and Need and developing alternatives. The PWG consists of stakeholders with expertise or interest in transportation, land use, the environment, or economic development in the study area. Members of the PWG provide input on the study, attend PWG meetings, and collaborate with the PSG.

Stakeholder Involvement Plan
Stakeholder involvement is critical to the success of this project. A Stakeholder Involvement Plan (SIP) was developed to provide a guide for implementing a meaningful public involvement plan for the study and a framework for engaging stakeholders.

The Stakeholder Involvement Plan (SIP) includes:

  • A detailed inventory of stakeholders
  • The roles and responsibilities of participants in the public involvement process
  • A description of opportunities for stakeholder participation
  • A tentative schedule of public involvement activities planned throughout the study

View the Stakeholder Involvement Plan.


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