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Frequently Asked Questions

The Dashboard is a user-friendly, Web-based, project management tool that provides current information on construction project status. It is used to keep IDOT's transportation program on time and on budget. Project managers are able to see in an instant which jobs are at risk of falling behind schedule or going over budget. Their job is to get those projects back on track.

What contracts are included in the Dashboard?
This site contains construction projects that are managed by the Department's ICORS (Illinois Construction Records System) application and include the active Annual Program projects and the ARRA Stimulus projects. The site does not include Maintenance Contracts, Engineering contracts, Locally Let Design or Construction projects, Aeronautics, or Railroad projects.

Why is it called the Dashboard?
It's called the Dashboard because, just as a car dashboard keeps a driver informed of performance, IDOT's Dashboard keeps project managers tuned in on the performance of their construction projects.

What can I view on the Dashboard?
The Dashboard provides a way to view information about most, but not all, of IDOT's active construction projects. Local Agency projects are not included.
What is the difference between Contract Completion Date and Estimated Completion Date?
Contract Completion Date - the date specified in the contract

Estimated Completion Date - date the Resident Engineer estimates that construction will actually be completed which could differ due to accelerated construction or project delays.
Why would a project be behind schedule?
There are various reasons which could include; conflicts with the location of utilities (gas, water electric or telephone lines), delays or inability to procure critical materials, weather or strikes.
Why would a project be over budget?
A project could be over budget due to significant increases in material costs, delays or unforeseen conditions at the jobsite.
How are contracts awarded?
Projects are awarded to the lowest qualified bidder through a competitive procurement process.
How often is the data updated?
What is the source of the data on this website?
This data comes from many different systems and is updated from each resident engineer throughout the state.
What defines a completed project?
When the resident engineer is no longer present at the jobsite the project is considered done.

If I want to make suggestions on this website how do I do it?
The main DOT website offers the opportunity to comment to us through "Contact Us".

Why are some contracts over budget?
Changes in conditions at the job site can drive prices upward; cost of goods/steel/asphalt/fuel cannot always be controlled.

Why are not all projects viewable on the map?
Some projects consist of repeated tasks at many locations. For example, a single contract may be awarded to conduct pavement marking in several counties.

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